Communication, Culture & Technology | Georgetown University

Communication, Culture and Technology is an interdisciplinary Master of Arts Program focusing on challenges posed by new technologies in a range of fields, including research, government, politics, arts, media, communication, business, health, and medicine.

By cutting across institutional and disciplinary boundaries, students explore fresh solutions to complex problems. CCTers are prepared to bring innovative thinking and multiple conceptual tools to leadership roles in an ever-expanding information society.

Georgetown University’s CCT Program bridges the gap between technology and policy with a humanist approach that is focused on user-experiences and social impact. There is a strong balance between theory and application, historical context and trend forecasting, analysis and creative exploration; and the pedagogical diversity provides a well-rounded experience that exceeds in preparing graduates for both contemporary and forthcoming analytical challenges.

– Michael Dumlao, CCT 2006, Director of Brand, Booz Allen Hamilton


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