If I spent five minutes alone with a random person in your company, would I get the right impression?

You always thought you’d be doing something that had an impact on consumers. Clearly, writing Facebook posts for a cheese client wasn’t what you had in mind when you envisioned your career at a marketing agency. So you’ve realized it’s time to do something else. The good news is, your skills are not at all limited to agency life. In fact, they are very applicable to the startup world.

A look at balancing parenthood with the demanding schedule of a startup.

Hardware fragmentation, crowdfunding, and an exercise in modern-day bridge building.

Getting meaningful conversations between strategist and developers on your team.

Lessons learned in building a company that creates for clients and products.

How we approach recruiting exceptional engineers who can build product, talk to clients, and present in public.

How we turned our conference table into an interactive light show and people detector via a RESTful API.

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