How does your company help people? That’s the first question you’ll hear from our team of SEO service strategists. We have to believe in your business before we can help you with SEO Solutions. Our digital marketers meticulously learn who you’re as a business, your current standing and where you want to end up (goals). The more we know, the better we give you ideas and the bigger we make your brand. Our learning phase lets us understand your brand in a personal manner. Once our managers understand your marketing vision, the research begins.

We do a deep dive into the search landscape before building your SEO strategy. We uncover crucial data related to search behavior, industry trends, and keyword analysis through SEO tools. Our SEO experts continue this research with an SEO audit of your current website. This lets them know what tactics you’re employing right now, how we can improve upon them and define the opportunities that you’re missing.

Inside of our discovery document we provide a full assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Our Google Analytics certified team dives into every crevice of your online presence from analytics reporting, to SERP appearance and link building ranking opportunities. This document or you can say report becomes the layout of your entire project and a reference point for all decisions made thereafter.

We compare what we have learned about the search landscape for your business niche against the positioning of your website. Our best SEO USA team prioritizes the best practices that need to be checked off the list, then conducts a massive brainstorming session where are innovative digital marketing ideas are born. This is passed through the hands of each one of our teams to ensure quality & accuracy.

Armed with your pre-determined goals for your website and our internal research, we now know all we need to prepare your custom search engine optimization strategy. In our initial preparation stage, we define all tactics that will be used to generate traffic from organic sources. These will range from creating high-quality content to measuring your conversion rate and everything in between.

We build up a customized content strategy for your project. Our team identifies web pages that need some technical changes, we set up Google Analytics and Webmaster tracking to measure success. With the established timeline, SEO experts will develop through our meetings, we will be ready to push forward in the right direction. Being the best SEO consultants in America we use our proven digital audit to understand how your digital marketing currently stands how it should be how it can be to achieve goals.

In this step, we bring those big ideas into a digital reality. This is where the rubber meets the road and the path to SEO and PPC success begins for your project. Our SEO experts in the USA check our list of best practices immediately and then the fun part kicks off.

A big aspect of SEO is content marketing. Creating and distributing high quality and useful content at a large rate is possible the best strategy for any business type. This shows search engines that you authenticate a thought-leader in your industry and worth ranking. Our content marketing professionals are as craft as they’re creative. They’re able to look at data and come up with unique solutions to your SEO problems.

Content marketing is just one piece of the SEO puzzle. The SEO services that we employ in your strategy may include everything from technical SEO (On-Page SEO), links marketing, web development, social media marketing, local SEO, eCommerce SEO, and pay-per-click. All our services are tailored to meet our client’s goals.

We have been in this industry as the best SEO company in the USA since 2010, and have no plans of stopping now. We’re the original authority in search engine marketing (SEM) and will have your website moving up the search engine rankings fast. So, now we’re chugging along with the right strategy in place. You’re seeing progress, but you’re wondering how our SEO team going to continue making the best moves. That’s where the next and final step comes in.

We’re an award-winning Search Engine Marketing Agency. Our experienced SEO specialists are all Google-certified. As we said, we don’t make any SEO strategy without consulting the data first. With our digital marketing strategy in place and following the launch of your online campaign, our SEO experts need to make sure those numbers are showing us what we want to see.

With that said, we know that the numbers don’t lie. Sometimes the strategy we build with goes awry. That’s just an excuse for us to learn from our mistakes, start fresh and work smarter in the future. By holding our SEO professionals accountable to web analytics, we turn that wrong thought into the right move. Measure and refresh, that’s the only successfully key to SEO or SEM strategy.

Our team involved in your project doesn’t end at inception. We are always there throughout the duration of your contract, ensuring that your every digital marketing and web development needs are met. Whether it’s creating a blog post for quick distribution on your social channels or fixing meta tags within your website’s code, Exaalgia will bring your digital marketing tactics into 2020.

If you’re looking for some professional help from the original authority in everything SEO, your search ends with the best SEO firm in the USA- Exaalgia. A full-service digital marketing agency, we can combine our SEO services with, ecommerce development, website design, social media, pay-per-click or whatever it is that fits your budget and goals. Ready to be ranked and want more leads in the sales pipeline? Contact us today!

What are the Key Elements of SEO
Keyword Research & Competitor Research
Strategic keyword research allows you to target more audiences with the right terms on the right web pages. When properly implemented, keyword research gives you an airtight game plan for how to structure your content, blog articles, product descriptions, home page content and more.

Analytics Setup & Review
Google Analytics allows you to monitor your website SEO progress, trends and growth and to locate and fix any potential problems before they get out of hand. It also enables you to see how specific keywords impact your traffic and sales. Our SEO Consultants use your Google Analytics account to set and track goals, generate reports or just see where your customers are coming from.

Link Building Campaigns
Link building allows your website to achieve greater authority by linking high PA-DA websites for your business. It’s not just about building links, though it’s about finding the right links, both in terms of quantity and quality.

Social Media Campaigns
A great deal of overlap exists between social media marketing and SEO online marketing campaigns are highly effective for both. In order for paid social media campaign effectiveness, it must be properly and persuasively tailored to your audience by social media agency managers.

Search Engine Ranking Reporting
If you want to receive quality traffic or users for a specific keyword on a website, you must rank on the first page especially on Google and if you want to turn a sturdy profit, you should rank as close to #1 as possible. That is why SEO marketing companies in the USA keep track of all your keyword rankings and tailor your SEO strategy accordingly.

More Keyword Research
Keyword research isn’t a one-time exercise for top SEO Services companies like Exaalgia. As your website begins to get traffic, you should always be on the lookout for the most relevant keywords.

How SEO Services Works with your Existing Digital Marketing Campaigns
One of the amazing things about search engine optimization is that it works together with just any other digital marketing strategy built by expert SEO company USA team. It can help benefit your campaign as a whole and there’s a connection between SEO and every other digital marketing strategy.

SEO and Pay-per-click campaigns are a power couple in this digital universe. They work well together because when used in tandem, they can help you earn more real estate in SERPs.

PPC Management Company allows business owners to run ads for your target keywords. Much like we do keyword research for your SEO, we also do accurate keyword research for your paid ads on Google and social media platforms. Another reason these two popular strategies work so well together is that digital marketers can use the same keyword list for both campaigns.

One thing to keep in mind – your competitors are also likely bidding for the ad, so you have to place the highest bid to win the real estate in search engines. If you win, your ad will shop up above organic results in search.

SEO and Email Marketing
Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies out there for businesses selling products and services. For an extremely low-cost marketing budget, you can see a huge return with this strategy. In fact, email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing campaign. This means, on spending for every $1 on your email marketing campaign, you can earn $44 profit.

But do you know what makes email marketing a great partner for SEO?
When you’re creating SEO-friendly copy for your web pages, it will gain traction and popularity the more people view it. One great way to get people to your website to read your content including pages and blogs is to provide links in your emails.

Not only do these links take email recipients to your website, but they can also help to increase traffic and conversions, which is the ultimate goal of SEO in the first place.

SEO and Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is another great match for SEO. Similar to email marketing, sharing links of best content pieces on your various social media accounts are a fantastic way to increase traffic and conversions. Not only that, but you can also link out to your social media platforms on your website, which increases brand awareness. This is a huge advantage to your SEO campaign!

SEO and Web Design
People don’t often think of SEO or SEM as a relation to web design, but it absolutely is. Google’s job is to provide the best results to users, which is why their ranking algorithm for websites is so complex. They want to ensure that the pages they rank in search results aren’t only providing beneficial and informative information but that they link to a website that is easy to navigate and enjoyable to visit.

That’s where web design comes in. Without great web development and design by web design company USA, users won’t want to stay for long on your website. If you have added a navigation bar that is difficult to use or has too many options, users may navigate away from your site before they even read your content.

This can lead to a higher bounce rate and gives a bad signal to Google, which can affect your ranking in search results. This is why web design is a crucial element to SEO.

Why Hire a Top SEO Consultant in USA?
SEO provides long term value to your business websites and brand online. In addition, Exaalgia SEO solutions help give your brand credibility with potential customers and prospects that may be interested in buying your product or service.

Global Customer Base
We work with small, medium and big companies across the USA. When looking to hire the right SEO agency, we always suggest doing your homework first. Best SEO experts Phoenix will tend to rank on the first page and will be able to showcase studies for their proven SEO and web development work in the past.

More Visibility and Customers
Increasing your website presence is important; let’s face it without getting any visitors to your site, you’re going to die in the water. Local SEO is vital for increasing local business presence and gaining your ranking when your business is just starting off.

Long Term Goals
Your long terms goal when hiring an SEO service provider in the USA is to make sure you have a long term game plan. Our digital marketing specialists will set up a long term strategy for your SEO, PPC, Web design and online marketing goals, thus in turn creating a strong ROI.
With that being said, first, we must conduct a full website audit to determine your needs and evaluate our potential client’s website.

How to Choose the Best SEO Company?
How do you know which SEO company can get you the desired results? Typically, you figure out a basic ”Yes, I will contact these search-engine-optimization agencies” and ”Hell no, they aren’t touching my website” by reading best SEO company reviews, case studies, and website content.
Sometimes it’s easy to know what you should avoid, rather than what you should look for. Your parents should have taught you not to judge a book by its cover, so why business owners keep falling for shiny SEO presentations. The theory is, if a digital marketing company creates these beautiful, high-tech marketing pitches for you, you’re going to get the same for your customers. That’s rarely the case, trust me.
By picking the best SEO company specialists like Exaalgia, we are ready to become your long-term marketing partner. Exaalgia has a proven track record of SEO success. If you hire us as your best SEO expert, first see that we are ranking in the first of Google organically for many of our search terms including Best SEO company, Top SEO agency in Phoenix, Best SEO services, etc. Because we ranked our own website on Google, we can be assured our SEO specialists can do the same for you.
Give us a try! Go ahead; ask for our eye-opening SEO case studies which are a great way to learn more about how we do search-engine-optimization for our clients. Read our client’s ratings and testimonials on leading listing platforms like and Good Firms.
Our industry experience and modern SEO approach bring out the great number of visitors and sales to our small and big-sized clients. Words can only say so much; have a look at some of our clients for whom we generate real monetary benefits on a daily basis.
This is how you can count on the best SEO agency for your online business success! So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to move your business or ecommerce store forward at scale and speed. Our SEO agency team will make your website appear in top results in the major search engines and attract organic traffic to your website certainly!

Exaalgia – The Best SEO Agency in the USA Can Help You Out There
When it comes to SEO services, we know our stuff. We have a team of hundreds of digital marketing specialists including content writers, PPC experts, SEO managers who are all experts in their craft. So, if you’re looking for a fantastic SEO firm in America we’re here for you.

They pride themselves on staying up-to-date with industry latest trends, updates, standards, reading the latest news and learning the newest SEO strategies to ensure that our client campaigns are nothing short of successful.

Speaking of clients, we have over 500 glowing testimonials from clients who have loved working with our team.
In the past five years alone, we have been able to generate over 2 million client leads, and we think that’s a pretty big deal.

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