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6 Ways to Get 50+ Links a Month for SEO
As you probably know, backlinks and press mentions are one of the best ways to drive referral traffic. Plus, when other websites and influencers link or cite your brand, it helps you organically build authority and prove to the www that you’re an expert in the field. Here are 6 ways to get 50+ links a month for your SEO.

What is Alt Text? Image SEO & Why You Should Be Using It
In the late 90’s, people web surfing with a slow connection used to load websites without images so that they didn’t have to wait to view the rest of the page. In the image’s absence, sites needed something to display — this is why alt text or alternative text was created. Even though image load times aren’t as prehistoric, Google still uses the alt text to understand the context of the image, therefore it matters for your SEO. It is part of the Ignite Visibility SEO services to put alt text on all images.

What Is Anchor Text and Why Does It Matter for SEO?
Anchor text is the term used to describe the text inside of the hyperlink. Gone are the days of including full URLs in your content. In fact, when anchor text is done right, it plays a key role in your overall SEO and internal linking strategies by giving search engines and readers more context. Check out this guide to learn more on anchor text. Ignite Visibility has an internal linking strategy for anchor text that helps increases rankings.

How to Master SEO Writing in 2020
Writing for SEO involves more than just crafting words on page. It’s crafting copy that appeals to users and delivers on their specific wants and needs while simultaneously proving the intent of the page to search engines. It can’t be overly optimized for search bots; readers won’t want to read your robot-speak. But it does need the right level of optimization to ensure that search engines understand how to rank your content. It’s a delicate balance, and in this article, I’ll walk you through how to master SEO writing in the new year.
Is Google Chrome’s SameSite Update a Game Changer For Marketers?

Google recently released an update to its popular Chrome browser, aimed at making it stronger and more secure. Browser safety and consumer privacy has been a significant issue lately, and this appears to be Google’s first step to making the web more secure for users. But in doing so, are they hindering marketers who rely on data collected by the search engine? Read this article to find out.Shocking New Study Reveals the True State of Search in 2020
In our latest SEO agency study, we surveyed over 500 respondents to better understand what searchers look for in the search results, and what factors most impact their decision to click. What we found may surprise you. Read the full study here.

The Top Ten Keyword Research Tools on the Market

We all know keyword research is a must for SEO. But attempting to go about on your own can be incredibly time-consuming, not to mention inaccurate. Luckily, there are plenty top of the line tools available to do the heavy lifting for you. Here are ten of my favorites.Top Strategies For “Near Me” Searches: How to Secure a High Rank
“Near me” searches are on the rise. As on-the-go searching becomes more prominent, people are looking to search engines to provide quick, accurate information about what’s most accessible to them. But if you’re a local marketer looking to rank for these kinds of searches, you need to know how to optimize for them. I’ll show you how in this article.How Long Does It Take to See SEO Results?

It’s the million-dollar question: how long does SEO take? Unfortunately, there’s no easy or completely accurate answer here. One thing’s for sure: it’s not an overnight process, and results do take time. But if you’re patient, they will absolutely pay off. Read more about how long you can expect your SEO efforts to take in this article.

SEO Reporting The Right Way
When it comes to reporting for search engine optimization, there is so much to know. In this article, John Lincoln covers how to structure the perfect report and even how to present to executives. He also has a video in this post. Read this article to learn about tracking keywords, year over year growth, website segments, goals and more. Many search engine optimization companies struggle with reporting, but Ignite Visibility has an excellent systems.

YMYL: What Does Your Money, Your Life Mean For SEO?
Google is known for its changing algorithm and search results, and this year, a few major updates have rocked the SERPs. Many of them seem to place emphasis on a specific type of site: YMYL. A page is considered Your Money, Your Life, or YMYL, if it includes any content that can affect someone’s health, happiness, safety, or financial stability. If that sounds like any of your content, there are some strict rules you need to be aware of if you want to preserve your rank. Here’s what you need to know about YMYL.

The H1 Tag Explained
An H1 tag is an incredibly important aspect of SEO. But if you’re new to the industry, you may not fully understand what this little tag does, and why it’s so critical to a webpage’s success. In this article, I’m giving you a full breakdown of the H1: what it is, why it matters, and how to implement yours correctly.

The Perfect On-Page SEO Checklist for 2020
SEO will look a little different going into 2020. Things have changed a lot over the past few years, and will continue to shift in the new year. Here, I’m giving you a complete checklist to ensure your SEO strategy is on point in 2020.

Planning Your Local SEO Strategy for 2020
If you run a local business, you already know how important local SEO is. In this article, I’ll walk you step-by-step through how to plan a perfect local SEO strategy for 2020. This is a perfect outline for the strategy our SEO company will use for most local campaigns.

WordPress SEO Company: 13 Tips for Better Rankings
If you run a website, there’s a good chance you’re using WordPress. But are you using it to its full potential? There’s plenty of ways to optimize your site right on the platform, and in this article, I’m going over thirteen of my tips to improve your WordPress SEO.

Hit By a Google Update? Here’s How to Recover
By now, Google updates are infamous. Whether they’re targeting something specific or labeled broad core, they rarely leave the search results unscathed. Often, that means significant dips in traffic for many websites. So, what do you do if you’re the victim of an update? Read on to find out.

The No-Nonsense Guide to Content Marketing
Content marketing’s much more than a buzzword. It’s a tried-and-true strategy that works to get site’s ranking in the SERPs. But throwing up a blog post or two simply won’t cut it. Rather, you need a full-blown strategy to keep your content on track. I’ll show you how to approach content marketing and develop a clear strategy in this article.

How to Prepare for SEO in 2020 Like a Top SEO Company
SEO is undergoing a major change. Multiple Google updates, a renewed emphasis on relevance, the continuing spread of voice and AI-e
nabled assistants, among many other factors all mean that marketers need to adopt new strategies going into 2020. In my latest article, I’m giving you some of my best tips for SEO in the new year.

How Local SEO Agencies Can Drive Traffic
Local SEO plays by different rules than regular SEO. While many of the principles remain the same, an emphasis on all things local – including keywords, citations, and Google My Business—plays a major part in a local businesses success. In this article, I’ll go over 15 strategies all local agencies should be using increase both online and foot traffic.

How to Get Top Billing in the SERPS Using Schema Markup
As SEOs, we all know about SERP Features. They’re the new #1 spot, and the surest way to get eyes on your content. But how do claim those spots? You use schema, for starters. I’ll walk you through which features are informed by schema markup—and how you can use it on your content—in this post.

Increase Your Website Traffic With These Quick Tips
Increased website traffic is the name of the game when it comes to building a presence online. Everyone wants to do it, but not everyone knows how. In this article and video, SEO expert John Lincoln walks us through some of his best tips to increase website traffic—fast.

The Ultimate Guide to Bounce Rate
Heard of bounce rate? It’s important metric in SEO, but it’s not one you want to see a lot of. A high bounce rate means people are visiting your site, but leaving (or bouncing) quickly back to the SERPs. So, what can you to keep people on your page? We’ll go over exactly that in this article.

200+ Free Marketing Courses
Want to become an SEO expert? Then you need to learn from the best. Our Ignite Visibility YouTube is full of hundreds of free courses in SEO. In this article, we’ve compiled a few of our favorites.

Steal Your Competitor’s SEO Strategy
When it comes to SEO services, a lot can be learned from the strategies your top competitors are using. Truth is, there’s no need to entirely reinvent the wheel, it’s enough to tweak it a little to suite your particular strategy. That’s why it’s so important to keep tabs on your competitor’s strategies—and work out how you can use them to improve your own campaigns.

Have we Seen the End of Online News Sites?
News sites have taken some serious heat from search giants like Google and Facebook, and as a result, many have seen their traffic plummet. Does this spell disaster for news sites? Or can they still recover? Read this article to find out.

Ecommerce SEO: Everything You Need to Know to Increase Sales
In the world of ecommerce, a high ranking in the search results can make or break your brand. After all, customers can’t buy from you if they can’t find you in the first place. That’s why an SEO strategy is critical to your success. As one of our top SEO services, we know a thing or two about ecommerce SEO. Here’s how to lay out a strategy that will secure more sales.

An Introduction to Hreflang Tags
Whether or not you’re familiar with the term, if you’re marketing to an international audience, you need to think about implementing hreflang tags. These tags tell Google which language to deliver your content in, and very important when it comes to international SEO. One of our major SEO services is international SEO, and in this article, we’ll walk you through what hreflang tags are and how to add them to your site.

No-Click Search Results: What They Mean for Marketers
Google’s search results have certainly changed over the years. But the biggest change may be the rise of the no-click search results, and its throwing independent business owners and SEO companies alike for a loop. Because no-click results answer a query right in the SERPs, it often eliminates the need for a user to click to a new page – which can wreak seriously havoc on your site traffic. In this article, I’ll go over how you can keep your web straffic in an increasingly no-click world.

An SEO Company’s Guide to E-A-T and SEO
Unpacking Google’s ranking algorithm is a job even the best SEO companies struggle with, but there’s one thing we know for sure: E-A-T (expertise, authority, trustworthiness) is becoming a major factor. In this guide, we’ll walk you through what E-A-T is, why it’s such a big deal, and how you can optimize your content for it.

How an SEO Firm Effectively Blocks Bad Links Using the Disavow Tool
Your site likely has 1,000s of bad links – and you may not even know it. One of the jobs of an SEO company is identify the bad, spammy, or otherwise undesirable links pointing to a webpage, and find a way to remove the without negatively effecting the page. In this article, we’ll reveal how you, too, can safely remove links with a disavow file.

Google Search Console: How to Use it Like an SEO Expert
Google Search Console is an incredibly valuable tool when it comes to evaluating your SEO efforts, and any SEO company worth its salt knows that it holds the key to researching and improving a site’s performance. Recently, Google gave it a redesign, refreshing old reports, adding new ones, and retiring a few completely. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all aspects of the new Google Search Console.

How to Increase the Reach of Your Content (Every Time)
Creating great, relevant content is an SEO staple. Most know that. What they don’t know is that the work doesn’t stop once the words are written. And to really benefit from the content you create, you need a strategy in place to promote and publish that content is as many places and many formats as possible. In this article, I’ll take you through my specific process for expanding the reach of each piece of content.

Need to Clean up Your Bad Links? Here’s How.
As all the best SEO companies know, bad links are a big problem when it comes to SEO. Not only do they look bad to your audience, but they can have a negative effect on your search rankings. Luckily, we have quite a bit of experience in this department. Here’s our step-by-step method for finding and removing bad links from your website.

Guide to Title Tags in 2019
Did you know? Title tags are one of the most important aspects of SEO. You may think you have your bases covered with these, but I have a few advanced strategies to help take your title tags up a notch – and increase your search rankings in the process.

How to Build Links Like an SEO Company
Brian Dean knows a thing or two about digital marketing. After all, he’s responsible for the meteoric rise of SEO powerhouse Backlinko. In this edition of Ignite University, he reveals how he built a multimillion-dollar business, generates thousands of links, and has created a YouTube channel 200,000 subscribers strong.

Voice Search SEO: What the Best SEO Firms Won’t Tell You
Voice search represents the new frontier for marketing. But it’s still early days, and most SEO companies aren’t yet making it a priority. We think that’s a mistake. That’s why in this guide, we’re giving you a no-holds-barred guide to all things voice search, from how it’s changing marketing to how content is ranked and optimized.

How to Get More Traffic From Google Image Search
If you’re not optimizing your images for search, you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity to get more site traffic. Not only do users just like images, but Google has been increasingly prioritizing its emphasis on images with new features like AMP Stories and Google Discover. Because of that, the best internet marketing companies know that a solid SEO strategy needs to include image optimization. Read on to find out how you can get more traffic from image search.

Baidu SEO: How to Optimize for Baidu
Baidu is the king of search in China; the equivalent of Google when it comes to internet searching and marketing across the sea. In other words, it’s a pretty big deal. Regardless of your location, if you’re not optimizing for Baidu,
you’re missing out on a huge market share. In this article, Director of Strategy Chyrstal Lenardson goes over everything you need to know about Baidu optimization.

Guide to Headless CMS and its Impact on SEO
Have you heard of headless CMS? It’s a type of content management system (CMS) that allows you to separate the back end of your website from the front, which in turns means that the content you load into the backend can be formatted to fit any device – not just your website. I’ll explain what headless CMS is in full in this article, as well as go over how you can optimize it for SEO.

Top 10 Tactics to Find New Customers
Looking for new ways to find new customers? The best SEO companies know that sometimes, you have to get a little creative. In this post, I’ll go over 10 of my favorite ways for finding (and winning) new customers.

Black Hat SEO: 29 Techniques You Need to Beware Of
Black hat is infamous in the world of SEO. As the name implies, it’s the dark side, full of tactics intended to trick search engines and manipulate a page’s rankings in the search results. And it’s strictly against most search engine’s rules. The best way to makes sure you’re not participating in any black hat business is to beware of all the tactics that could land you in hot water. This article covers 29 of the most prevalent black hat tactics and how you can avoid them.

New Study: Shift in Online Marketing Revealed
Ignite Visibility recently released a new survey of 300 marketers in 5 different revenue brackets to determine how budgets would be allocated going forward between online and offline marketing. The results? Surprising, to say the least. Access and download the full study here.

How to Use Google Maps Marketing to Drive Local Traffic
If you’re a local business, a working knowledge of Google Maps marketing is a must. As the best SEO companies know, Google Maps is the key to driving major foot traffic to your door, and trust me, you don’t want to neglect it in your marketing strategy. In this article, I’ll walk you through how to get started.

What is SEO? The Full Rundown
For anyone who’s wondered what exactly SEO is, this one’s for you. After all, without a great answer, SEO companies like ours wouldn’t exist. But we’re going a step further and digging into where SEO came from, how it’s evolved, and why it still matters today.

The Keyword Magic Tool: Keyword Research Done Right
We all know that keyword research is crucial when it comes to SEO. But here’s what some of the best SEO agencies won’t tell you: how successful you are all comes down to what tools you use. Lucky for all of us, SEMrush has come out with latest and greatest in keyword research: the Keyword Magic Tool. Learn all about how to use it in this article.

SERP Guide for 2019
Want better rankings in 2019? Then you need to do your homework. Whether you’re going it alone or thinking of hiring an SEO firm, be sure to familiarize yourself with some of the newer features you’ll find in the SERPs in the coming year.

Search Engine Optimization in 2019
SEO went through some major changes this year. If you want to keep up (and trust me, you do) do yourself a favor and read our updated guide. As one of the best SEO companies in the country, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge strategies and implementing tried-and-true practices like the ones you’ll find in this guide.

The Yoast SEO Plugins You Should Be Using
If you run a WordPress site, you’re probably using Yoast SEO – and if you aren’t, you’ll want to get on that ASAP. In this post, Ignite’s Director of Strategy Chrystal Lenardson will walk you through some of the settings you should be using to get the best results.

SEO Tactics to Retire
SEO has changed a lot over the years, and as any good SEO company will tell you, your tactics need to change with it. Not everything that worked a decade ago is still effective – and in some cases, can even hurt your site. Here are 12 SEO tactics that need to go.

How to Build the Best SEO Team
When you’re hiring an SEO team, you want to make sure all the key spots are covered. As a top SEO firm, we’re no stranger to structuring effective SEO teams. Here’s what an ideal team at an agency level should look like.

SERP Features Guide 2019
Have you started optimizing for SERP features? They’re the new top spots in Google, and if you’re not already, you need a strategy to start claiming them. In this article, I’ll go over 9 the top SERP features and how you can optimize your content for them.

How to Increase Conversions by Finding Your Money Pages
We all know how important content is when it comes to marketing. But here’s what SEO companies aren’t telling you: it doesn’t always have to be brand new content. In fact, in most cases, a very small percentage of pages are driving the majority of your leads and conversions. We call these your Money Pages. In this article, I’ll show you how to find these pages and use them to increase conversions.

How to Optimize Your Content for Google Discover”
Google Discover is Google’s take on the popular social media feed. Unlike traditional Google searches, it doesn’t operate on search queries. Instead, it shows users content based on their interests and search history – before they even perform a search. As any SEO company can tell you, that means a change in the way you optimize your content. Read this article to find out how.

Question & Answer Schema For FAQs”
While schema has been around for some time, a surprising number of marketers and SEO firms aren’t taking advantage of one of its most beneficial features: question and answer schema. This kind of schema can be applied to any designated FAQ section to help it rank higher, and possible give it a shot at being pulled into Google’s knowledge graph. Here’s how.

Which Rich Results Should You Be Using?
As the best SEO companies know, rich results are a must these days. For anyone unfamiliar, rich results are enhanced results that show up in the search engines. They can show things like businesses hours, product prices, product availability, sitelinks, etc. Wondering which ones are the best for your industry? Give this article a read.

What You Need to Know About Enterprise SEO in 2019
Heard of enterprise SEO? If you’re a large organization with a large website, you need to be using it. Enterprise SEO helps SEO companies optimize these sites at scale as efficiently as possible. Because of the size of the project, it requires additional resources, tools, and teams. Read all about how you can take advantage of enterprise SEO in 2019 here.

Should You be Using Third Party Aggregator Sites?
Third-party aggregator sites help you generate leads and traffic, and are a great way to increase your organic traffic. But even the best SEO companies aren’t taking full advantage of them. In this article, I’ll go over a few lesser-known ways you can use these sites in your SEO strategy.

The Future of Google AI
Google’s made it clear that the future of search is AI-driven. And even the best SEO companies will have to overhaul their strategies in order to adapt. As a marketer, it means changing the way we approach search. Here are all the latest announcements you need to know.

An Introduction to Dynamic SEO
Larger, enterprise websites need dynamic SEO. It’s a great way to optimize multiple pages of your site as quickly as possible. The crazy thing? Most SEO firms don’t even know about it. In this article, I’ll walk you through what dynamic SEO is and why you should be using it.

SEO Isn’t Dead. Here’s Why
People have been claiming SEO is dead for as long as I can remember. But as long as searching – whether it’s on a mobile device or through a digital assistant – SEO isn’t going. But it is changing. Here’s what you can expect from SEO in the future.

How Dynamic Rendering Affects Marketing
recently released new documentation on dynamic rendering. What is that, exactly? It’s a way for Google bots to easily crawl and index Javascript sites. It’s something most SEO companies have been waiting for because helps these bots find your content – which means people will be able to find your content online. Here’s what you need to know about it.

How to Speed Up Your Page Load Time
Slow load times can have a big impact on your SEO. Not only will users be turned off by it, but Google has stated that page speed is a ranking factor – and a slow load could hurt your rankings. That’s why in this article, I walk you through the exact process my SEO company uses to increase page speed.

A Marketer’s Guide to Google Cloud
Cloud technology is quickly becoming a staple in how we store and manage data. But what does it mean for marketers? The best SEO companies are looking at how Google Cloud can help them become more efficient and tech-savvy. In this article, I’ll let you in on how Google Cloud can help you.

How Marketers Can Take Advantage of Alexa Skills
As the original “apps for voice,” Alexa Skills opened up a lot of doors for. They offered a way for SEO firms and brands to break into the world of voice search and have seen some pretty major successes. But are Alexa Skills right for you? Read on to find out.

A Beginner’s Guide to Google Actions
Google Actions, like Alexa Skills, are similar to mobile apps – only they work specifically with digital assistants and smart speakers. Powered by voice search, they represent a new wave in SEO services. if you haven’t looked into them yet, it’s time. In this article, I’ll go over everything you need to know to make Google Actions work for you.

How Digital Assistants Will Affect the Hospitality Industry
As digital assistants and smart speakers continue to gain popularity, they’ll almost certainly have an effect on businesses across the board. That’s certainly true for the hospitality industry. It’s already seeing some major changes thanks to the rise of voice-powered search. To see what’s changing – and how those in the industry can prepare – read this article.

John Lincoln Named Finalist For Search Marketer Of The Year
The Search Engine Land Landy awards offers coveted awards to SEO consultants and SEO agencies, one of those being, Search Marketer of the Year. In 2017, John Lincoln has been named a finalist for the Search Marketer of the Year in the male category. This is due to submitting over 28 positive case studies, creating a movie on search engine optimization and growing Ignite Visibility to over 150 clients.

How to Get Better Campaign Results Through SEO Tests
Want the best results possible form your SEO campaigns? Then you need start running SEO tests. Most SEO companies will run a variety of tests, including everything from testing content tweaks to implementing new technologies, to help them decide what works best for each business. This article will give a run down of a few of my favorites.

How to Ask for More Customer Reviews
Collecting good reviews is a big deal. The best SEO firms know that they’ll not only help you gain more confident customers, but help improve your overall SEO. The biggest barrier? Knowing how to ask for them. In this article, I’ll walk you through the best ways to ask your customers for reviews.

Local Strategies That Every SEO Company Should Practice
How can you tell if a Local SEO agency is worth hiring? Answer: because that company uses strategies that have a track record of success. In this article, I’ll walk you through 15 of the best local SEO strategies that top companies use. If you can’t afford to hire an SEO firm at this time, you can always use these strategies yourself.

The Best SEO Companies Track These Google Analytics Goals
There are countless Google Analytics goals that you can track. However, four of them are typically followed by every great SEO. You should also track the same goals in your own digital marketing efforts. That way, you can be sure that your website is meeting its objectives.

Expert Content Syndication Strategies
Looking for a way to get more eyes on your content? If so, then you should follow the example of some of the best SEO services when it comes to content syndication. This article covers the top syndication strategies. You’ll also learn about the different content syndication networks.

These Conversion Optimization Strategies Will Boost Your Bottom Line
Are you succeeding at getting people to your website but having trouble when it comes to closing the sale? How would you like to improve your conversion rate? This article covers several conversion optimization tips used by the best SEO services. Be sure to split-test the changes you implement.

Advanced Guide to Video SEO
Are your video campaigns giving you subpar results? If so, then it might not be a problem with the videos. It could be that you need to follow a few sound optimization strategies. This article covers video SEO concepts used by almost every reputable SEO firm.

Guide to Google My Business Optimization Strategies
If you have a local shop, then you should also know how to optimize your Google My Business page. This article covers the top strategies used by almost every SEO company. It’s written by Chrystal Lenardson, who’s the Director of Strategy at Ignite Visibility. Even if you’re an experienced SEO strategist, you’ll find actionable insights.

Learn These SEO Company Hacks for Targeting Search Queries
How would you like to get more from your search traffic? If so, then you need to look at how to target search queries. This article will walk you through the different types of queries. It will also cover top search strategies used by the best SEO services.

A Marketer’s Guide to the Google Medic Update
In case you missed the news, Google released a major update on August 1, 2018. It’s been called the “Medic Update.” But how should you change your search strategy in response to the new algorithm? This article will explain how the best SEO services are adapting to the core update.

How SEO Firms Use Google Analytics Benchmark Reports to Boost Sales
If you’re launching a new campaign, you should take a look at your Google Analytics benchmark reports. This article will cover the concept of benchmark reporting and explain how it’s used by almost every reputable search engine optimization company. It will also give you a “how to” on setting up benchmark reports in GA. Finally, the article will offer actionable advice on boosting your bottom line.

Improve Your Dental SEO With These Strategies
If you own a dental practice, this one’s for you. Our SEO company has worked with thousands of dental offices, and we’ve learned a thing or two about how to make the most of your SEO. In this article, I’ll highlight some of the most effective strategies for dental SEO.

How to Build Better Links For SEO Through Email Outreach
Want better rankings? Than you need better backlinks. One of the best ways to get them is through email outreach. As one of best SEO companies in the country, we know how to go about it the right way. In this article, I’ll show how you too can effectively use email outreach to build better backlinks.

Is It Time For a Website Redesign?
Fact: websites need to be updated. But as the best SEO companies will tell you, sometimes just an update doesn’t cut it. In this article, I’ll go over nine warning signs that signal it’s time for a complete website redesign.

How to Write an Effective Email for Link Outreach
Take it from a successful SEO agency: when it comes to email link outreach, you need to word it just right. This isn’t your average email, and there are certain ways to go about it that will help you gain the most opens and link. Here’s how we do it. Names Ignite Visibility the Number One SEO Company in the World
Big news at Ignite! We’re extrem
ely excited to announce we’ve been named the number one search marketing and SEO company in the world by To find out how our work paid off, read here.

Give Your Search Rank a Boost With User-Generated Content
Looking for a new way to give your site a boost in the SERPs? If so, follow the lead of every reputable company by leveraging user-generated content. This article offers several tips on how to do that.

Improve Your Dwell Time (And Your Rank)
Even the best search engine optimization company in the world can’t help your site improve rank if visitors aren’t hanging around. That’s why you should pay attention to dwell time, an important metric that shows how long people stay on a website once they arrive. This article offers several tips on how keep people interested in your site.

Is Your Website GDPR Compliant?
As every SEO agency knows, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect on May 25, 2018. Is your site compliant? If you can’t answer that question, you should read this article.

What Happened at the Google I/O Conference in 2018?
Every year, Google hosts the I/O Conference to go over the latest bells and whistles it’s working on. In 2018, the company covered new features in Gmail, Google Assistant, Android, Google Maps, and Google News. If you’d like to learn more, check out this article.

Improve Your Rank by Boosting Your Domain Authority
The best SEO agency in the country can only do so much to improve your search rank if your site has a low Domain Authority (DA). If you’re unfamiliar with DA, it’s a metric developed by Moz that predicts how well a site is likely to rank. The good news is that you can take steps to boost your DA. This article explains how.

Here’s How Your Site Can Land in a Featured Snippet
SEO companies are always looking for ways to land client websites in featured snippets. If you’re unfamiliar with featured snippets, they’re the enhanced search results that you see at the very top of the SERPs. Obviously, that’s prime digital real estate for marketers. This article lists several ways you can put your site in a featured snippet.

Follow the SEO Tactics Used by Competitors
It’s always a good idea to follow what your competitors are doing from an SEO perspective. That way, you can imitate their successful strategies. Fortunately, there are a number of resources online to help you keep tabs on the competition. This article highlights several of them.

Quickly Get More Search Traffic
In a recent podcast, John Lincoln shared some wisdom he gleaned from 10 people in the SEO community. Start by spying on your competitors. Once that’s done, produce superior content. This is a strategy any SEO company should be doing for their clients.

Here’s How to Know If Your Website Needs a Makeover
Is it time to redesign your website? That’s a question you might have asked yourself recently. If so, then you need to look for “signs” that you’re in need of a makeover. This article lists nine of them.

Boost Your Online Marketing With UTM Tracking
UTM tracking might seem like an industry buzz-phrase that’s only used by people who work for high-profile SEO firms. The reality is that every SEO professional should know about UTM tracking. If you’re not familiar with how you can use advanced web analytics to improve digital marketing, the now’s the time to educate yourself. Start by reading this article.

How to Use Facebook Search For Business
SEO isn’t exclusive to search engines. In fact, Facebook is an ideal place for business to find and be found – but it takes a little optimization, and a lot of strategy. Search for Facebook functions differently than your typical search engine, and to take full advantage you need to be aware of all the in’s and out’s. In this article, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about SEO and search for Facebook, and how an SEO company can help.

Guide to Conducting an Accurate Website Analysis
Experienced a dip in website traffic? You’re not alone. While it can be disheartening, there is a way to diagnose a sudden dip and certain steps to ensure you diagnose it properly. In this article, I’ll take your through my step-by-step process for finding the reason behind a loss in traffic.

Mini SEO Case Studies: What They Are and How to Use Them
As any search engine optimization agency knows, there’s many components to a successful SEO strategy. And to make sure each is working correctly, you have to test them. Which is exactly why we create mini SEO case studies: to measure and test each aspect of an SEO campaign. Below, I’ll take you through the process of creating a successful SEO case study.

A Beginner’s Guide to Open Site Explorer
Familiar with Open Site Explorer? An search engine marketing company usually considers it a must for anyone building an online business. Open Site Explorer helps businesses build a healthy backlink profile, which is crucial to overall SEO success. This guide will take you through a full review of the platform’s many features.

The Best Pagespeed Tools Online
One of the best SEO services is pagespeed acceleration. At Ignite Visibility, we have an excellent process and set of tools for increasing page speed. In this article, we give you a list of over 20 tools to increase your page speed and improve your search engine optimization.

Most Important Factors For Ranking In Voice Search
Voice search is one of the fastest growing methods for finding information. There are ways to get your content and brand mentioned in voice search, if you know what the voice search engine is looking for. learn the most important new voice search ranking signals.

Progressive Web Apps and AMP Are Both Very Important For SEO
Many companies want to use progressive web apps and AMP to speed up their pages and create lightweight functionality online. But, it is very important to talk to your SEO company before launching any of these technologies. These technologies can cause major issues for search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization.

Rank Your Website In Google Stories
In the mobile version of Google there is something called stories. These stories, show AMP results that are mainly from news sites and blogs. When done correctly, you can get a great deal of traffic. In this article, we cover simple SEO services that allow you to show up in stories, if your website qualifies.

The Lighthouse Chrome Extension and SEO
A good SEO company knows that with the right tool, you can get things done twice as fast. In this article, we do a deep dive into the lighthouse chrome extension. This is one tool that you want to check out. It allows you to quickly check the health of your website.

The Lighthouse Chrome Extension and SEO
A good SEO company knows that with the right tool, you can get things done twice as fast. In this article, we do a deep dive into the lighthouse chrome extension. This is one tool that you want to check out. It allows you to quickly check the health of your website.

What Is An H1 Tag?
The h1 tag is an important HTML attribute that has a big impact. Some companies don’t even take the h1 into account regarding SEO services, while other feel it is the most important item you can focus on! In this article, we do a deep dive into the h1 tag and discuss how to use it for SEO.

Google AMP Stories And SEO Company Usage
Google came out with new AMP stories recently that allow you to have animations which show at the top of the mobile results. These same style stories are big on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, so you can expect some level of success on Google. Well, now everyone wants to add this to their list of SEO services in 2018! This is a very cool new ability and we recommend all websites that qualify give it a shot.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist
You are ready. It is time. You are going to finally hire that search engine optimization specialist.
Well, before you do make sure to take the time to read this article. Do they have a track record of success, so they ask the right questions and do they use the latest tools? These are just a few of the things to consider.

How To Use 301 Redirects
301 redirects are so important for a SEO to use. Usually, the best SEO firms will develop redirect maps for clients and maintain that part of their web environment. In this article, we cover everything you need to know about 301 redirects and the web.

What Is A Good CTR
Most people have no idea what a good CTR really is. In this article, we dive deep into click-through rates and even analyze them by industry. When it comes to search engine marketing, a good CTR makes all the difference, so this is one post you are going to want to read.

How Our SEO Company Gets You Ranked in Voice Search
Google recently came out with the search rater guidelines for voice search. This is so cool, as it allows us to understand what they are looking for. We want to be the best SEO for normal rankings, but also voice, and are already helping clients with this.

What SEO Firms Don’t Know About The Google Panda Update
The Google Panda update rocked the search results. In this article, we take all of the old posts on the Google Panda update, and all of the data online, and put it together in one easy to understand article on the topic.

New Google SSL Requirements And SEO Agency Requirements
Google is making it so anyone who wants to rank in their search engine needs to update to the latest SSL version. This is important. Good news, if you work with a website development company or a top SEO they will probably alert you about this and take care of it for you. Either way, check with your firm.

Learn SEO Basics From The Best
Search engine optimization companies put out a lot of misinformation. This causes problems for those looking to rank. Often, people will waste time and resources doing this that don’t work. In this article, we give you a list of the best resources to learn the basics of SEO.

Don’t Waste Your Time On Bad Keywords
Usually an SEO agency in the USA will help you select some terms. You get ranked for those terms and then maybe either target more, work to maintain the ones you have or start to look at different countries or languages. But what really kills all SEO efforts, is when you select the wrong search terms! You can spend so many hours going after a term and when you finally get there, no conversions. Read more about this now.

Off-Page SEO – How To Generate 1,000+ Links
At Ignite we are experts at off-page SEO. In this article, we cover how you can increase your external links and get ranked higher. With these strategies in your back pocket, you can expect higher domain authority, more traffic and better rankings.

Guide to Google Search Console (2018 Edition)
Google Search Console is probably the most important tool that an SEO company uses. In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about Google Search Console this year.

How To Get Review Stars in Google With SEO Services
Do you want to get review stars in Google? This post will show you exactly how to do that! This YouTube video covers how to use to get rich snippets. You can do this for directly websites, service websites and more.

Negative SEO: How To Spot It
Negative SEO can really hurt your business. The best search engine marketing company will usually have a monitoring program for clients, to ensure they don’t run into any negative SEO issues. In this article, John Lincoln covers all the different ways you can be hurt by negative SEO.

New Length For Meta Descriptions Leaves SEO Agencies Scrambling
Google decided to change the length of meta descriptions. That means every website online needs to go back in and rewrite every meta description tag on their website! In this article, we cover everything you need to know about the update.

The Million Dollar Question: How Long Does SEO Take?
Every one has a different answer… SEO takes a year, SEO takes 3 years, SEO takes one day! The real answer to how long SEO takes is in this video. It covers the unique aspects of search engine optimization.

Google Peguin Update
Ignite Visibility has cleaned up many Google penalties from other companies. It is not a fun process, but something we plenty of experience in. In this article, we cover the Google Penguin update. This is a link penalty that websites get when they build too much anchor text to their website.

One Simple SEO Service That Gets Big Results
This is one of our companies favorite SEO services. By looking at your CTR in Google and working to improve it, you can get much more out of your content. This article covers exactly how to do the strategy and even has a video as well.

How to Get First Page Rankings in Google
Want to rank on the first page of Google? In this article, we will teach you exactly how to do it. Really, you only need to do 5 steps. Those steps are determine the keyword, create an amazing piece of content, get a backlinking strategy going… Read the rest in the post.

The Perfect Formula to SEO Copywriting
Copywriting is so important to marketing, but it is also important to SEO. In this article, we give you the perfect formula for writing copy that ranks in Google. This is the same strategy our search marketing agency uses with clients and for our own blog.

Follow These 19 Steps To SEO Optimization That Gets Amazing Results
Do you want to feel pure joy in life? Well, then you probably want to reach this blog post which provides 19 SEO optimization strategies that will get your business big results. This post covers everything from installing Google Analytics to sites to robots.txt files and more.

Local SEO Tips For Multi-Location Businesses
Local SEO companies are different than a national or international SEO company. There are actually different strategies for each one. Our company is one of the best at local SEO. In this blog, we give you some of our favorite tips on the subject.

3 Best Ways To Get SEO Results
What if there were only 3 things you could do to get results in Google? Well, these would be the strategies. Learn the 3 most important items in search engine optimization now. Item number one is probably the most important.

How To Diagnose A Fred Update Penalty
Did you get hit by the Google Fred update? Many websites did and it left them calling the best SEO companies they could find in hopes the penalty could be eliminated. But, the Google Fred update penalty is not so easily solved. Learn more about the update now.

IP Detection and Redirects – How To Do It For SEO
For larger websites, the best SEO firms often need to be able to consult on IP based location detection and redirects. If you do this correctly, you can drive more conversions. If you do this incorrectly, it can be devastating to your technical SEO. Learn about this topic now.

How To Do SEO For B2B Websites and Drive Leads
In most cases B2B based business models need leads, opposed to eCommerce and branding. Not all cases, but most. In this article, we cover how to drive leads with search engine optimization services that have been proven, based on our experience and testing.

32 Important Technical SEO Issues You Should Know
Technical SEO is a specialty in digital marketing that is highly sought-after. Websites large and small often have little errors that can significantly hold back their traffic growth. Examples would be robots.txt issues, incorrect international optimization, canonical tags in the wrong place, etc. In this post, our SEO agency covers issues we often see.

How Social Media Really Affects SEO Company Strategy
Social media came just after SEO, but it has many similar qualities and is an important part of digital marketing. Social media actually does influence website rankings in many ways. If social media increases branded searches, generate links or results in page getting i
ndexed, that can play a role. This post covers this and more. It also gives specific facts pulled from online.

SEO Help – Clear Signs You Need The Best SEO Agency
Good news, if you need help from a search engine optimization company, there is often one near by. The issue is, there are many firms that offer ineffective services or operate outside of Google’s guidelines. That should not deter you though. If you need SEO help, get it. This post covers how you know if SEO help is necessary.

Fake Google Ranking Factors You Should Know
People often get confused and think something correlated to better rankings in Google, but in actuality, it does not. For example, one firm might think that building lots of poor quality links helps rankings while another top SEO company realized the power of high quality editorial links earned through real press or creative campaigns. It gets much deeper than this. In some cases, there is debate over technical factors, word count and much more.

How To Get More Traffic From Old Website Content
In this video John Lincoln covers how get more traffic from old content on your website. This is the same process we use here at Ignite Visibility and it is very effective. By optimizing old content, in the correct way, you can grow your traffic significantly each year.

How To Go After Long-Tail Keyword Traffic
Many times, longer keywords convert better than shorter ones. In many cases they are also less competitive. In this massive guide, we learn in-depth strategies to rank for longer keywords. This is one post you need to read!

AMP and Ranking 0 Are Now More Important To SEO
AMP and ranking 0 are two newer strategies, and thus, they offer massive opportunities for websites to beat out competition. Our SEO services include strategies that help clients migrate their website to be AMP ready. We also help them rank 0, which plays into Google assistant optimization as well. If you want to be on the cutting edge, this post is for you.

How To Do Search Engine Marketing in YouTube and Get More Traffic
There are many people talking about video lately. Consumers are gravitating to it more and more online. Naturally, they want to use video to drive traffic. In this article, we cover some actionable tips to increase traffic from and in YouTube.

Guide to Robots.txt and SEO Company Strategy
In this video and article, SEO consultant John Lincoln covers everything you need to know about robots.txt files. Robots.txt files are the most common issue for websites online. In many cases, businesses block a portion or all of website without knowing. Learn more about robots.txt now.

Internal Linking Structure and SEO
Internal linking strategy is very important. It often results in great lifts in rankings for clients. This video covers what internal linking is, how it works and much more. Learn how the best SEO company does internal linking from John Lincoln now.

Selecting The Best Search Marketing Company (Here Is How)
In this article we cover 50 veteran tips for selecting a SEM company. Pick the wrong company and you could get burned. Pick the right company and you could see massive results! Learn everything you need to know to make the right decision.

404 Errors and How They Work for Search Engine Optimization
Often search marketing experts think 404 errors are a bad thing. And in some cases, they are. But there are also some very good reasons to use them. In addition, there are some innovative strategies that can increase conversion rates by altering your 404 page. Learn everything you need to know about this technical SEO item now.

Google For Jobs Could Be Big For Certain Websites
Does your website display job information? In this post, we cover Google For Jobs, a new way to integrate with Google search. Websites can now display their jobs in Google. This will allow them to get more exposure and potentially traffic for their jobs. Staffing companies and job sites are very interested in this new SEO service.

Why You Should Hire An SEO Company For Your Website Transfer
If you are changing domains, doing a redesign, changing URLS, migrating to or from a subdomain or merging websites, it is a very good idea to get a search engine optimization consultant involved. There are so many things that could go wrong and great deal of traffic that can be potentially lost. Learn why it is a good idea to get an expert involved.

Post With Google And Why They Matter
Posts With Google are very new. They allow you to do a post on Google My Business and have that display in your companies branded search results. SEO professionals and social media pros are all over this, as it is a great marketing tool to promote events, special offers and more.

How To Target Keywords With Content Marketing
If you target terms incorrectly on your website, you will not rank for anything. That is why John Lincoln, CEO of Ignite Visibility, wrote this post and created a video. Get educated on on the ins and outs of targeting keywords in content marketing now.

The Difference Between SEO and Search Engine Marketing Companies
SEO and SEM are two different things. In this article and infographic, we show you the difference between the two. For example, some companies do SEO and do not do all of search engine marketing. Learn more now.

Keyword Targeting In Content Marketing
Segmentation is a very important part of the way a SEO company optimizes a website. One common mistake is targeting keywords in the wrong place. This can hurt rankings and conversions. Learn how to properly segment your website’s keywords now.

Google Click-Through Rates in 2017 by Ranking Position (Study)
In this study conducted by Ignite Visibility, we look at the click-through rates for web pages ranking in the SERPs based on their position. We are now seeing that position 1 on average has a 44.64% click-through rate, position 2 has a 28.92% CTR and position 3 has a 28.52%. This is based on 5,000 queries.

Get Rid Of A Spammy Structured Data Penalty
Our SEO company has cleaned up many penalties, but this is a newer one, which is why we decided to write an article on it. Basically, if you abuse structured data you can get a penalty. Now, it doesn’t hurt traffic, but if can hurt your rich snippets. Learn how our SEO firm has cleaned up this penalty for clients.

SEO Tips For Website Developers
Web developers often are forced to work at the whim of search engine optimizers. In this article, we provide a few tips to help them get the jump start on certain tasks.

Learn Law Firm Search Engine Optimization
The best SEO consultants know that search strategies should be different for every industry. Law firm optimization is no different. In this post, we explore how attorneys should be approaching getting ranked. There is a big emphasis on local for most of these companies. In addition, there are many different keyword segments that need to be looked at. With over 1,300,705 lawyers in the United States, this is a massive market for search and highly competitive.

46 Free SEO Courses (From An Expert SEO Company Leader)
This post is updated often. On this page, you will find over 20 search engine optimization classes by John Lincoln. These popular YouTube videos are actually used in Ignite Visibility training and are referrenced by SEO companies around the world!

Drop In Website Traffic? Here Is What To Do
No one likes a drop in website traffic.It can be scary, effect your business and cause stress. John Lincoln has dealt with this situations hundreds of times and shares his steps. In this video, you will learn how to deal with a drop in traffic.

How To Track SEO Goals With Google Tag Manager
If you cannot prove the value of your organic search work, you are going to be in world of trouble. You could lose your funding for the project or even you job. Google Tag Manager can help with tracking search goals (and do much more).

How To Do SEO In China
People are fascinated with doing SEO in Chin
a. The reality is, even the best search engine marketing agency in the world might not be able to get you ranked there. Unfortunately, there is a lot of red tape concerned with optimizing for this country.

Will The Google Mobile-First Update Change SEO Services?
Google has a big emphasis on mobile right now. In this post, we tell you everything you need to know to prepare for the looming mobile-first update. From page speed to mobile equivalent pages to mobile copy, there is a lot to know. Get all the details on mobile SEO now.

Ranking #0 In Google (Featured Snippets)
John Lincoln tells you how to rank #0 in Google (meaning a featured snippet) in this YouTube video. There is a lot to know about this topic and it even plays into Google Assistant optimization. Get the full details on SEO for featured snippets now.

Is Your SEO Company Buying Backlinks (Read This First)
Backlinks are declining in importance, but they are still worth about 40% regarding all ranking factors. But you do not want to buy them or go against Google’s guidelines or you may get a penalty. Learn more about buying backlinks and basically why you should not do it.

Video – What To Focus on for Search Engine Optimization This Year
In case you missed our SEO agencies webinar and articles, this short video covers all the most important things to focus on for SEO this year. From AMP to HTTPS to quality content to mobile to hub pages to quality links, these proven methods will get you much more traffic from Google. Watch this exciting search engine optimization video now on Ignite Visibility or YouTube.

Accelerated Mobile Paged Double in Google News SEO
Google news can be a great way for publishers to drive more traffic to their website. Well, now it just got even better, that is, if you have accelerated mobile pages installed correctly. We are now seeing that websites with AMP have more than doubled their presence in Google news. Our search marketing firm strongly recommend AMP for websites. When we switched our own site to AMP, we saw a jump in traffic of over 100%.

Mobile SEO Is Taking Over, How to Rank Right Now
More people now use the mobile Internet than the desktop Internet. That is a big deal for businesses trying to rank in Google. Why? Well, they need to be thinking mobile first. Ignite Visibility has a unique mobile SEO strategy that gets websites ranked. In this post, you will learn a few of the basic ideas.

Webinar – SEO Planning for 2017
In this one hour webinar, John Lincoln and Alan Bush from Ignite Visibility give you everything you need to know for search engine optimization results this year. Lincoln and Bush even get into artificial intelligence, covering how to use it for you own rankings. Learn what makes Ignite Visibility the best SEO company in the United States in this webinar.

Search Engine Optimizers – Why You Need One
We believe all websites should have an SEO consultant. In this post, you will learn exactly why. Most business owners don’t understand all the benefits. With a winning strategy, search engine optimization can literally make you money while you sleep.

How Is Bing SEO Different Than Google?
Bing is different than Google when it comes to SEO! However, if you are talking to an SEO company who cannot tell you the different, you better run. In this video and article, we cover how Bing and Google differ. Most marketers are surprise to hear this information.

Google Mobile Penalty Rolls Out For SEO
Any good search engine marketing firm will keep their eye on penalties. This is one you need to be aware of. In this article we discuss the new interstitial penalty that is now live in Google. However, there is also another penalty coming out soon. That is called the mobile first penalty. Our SEO firm has specific strategies for dealing with this issue. For example, we recommend using responsive design if possible, fast pages, utilizing AMP and having a navigation that links to all your pages. These are recommendations that come straight from Google and our knowledge. While mobile subdomains and vary http header will still be options, their technical configurations may change.

You Need Links For SEO, Here Are 70+ Resources
Some Bing and Google SEO companies only focus on link building. Truth be told, links are a very powerful ranking signal and can really help on their own. While that is the case, Ignite Visibility has a more well rounded strategy that incorporates all the aspects of search. That being said, links are critical. So here is how you can get them.

Sitemaps and Search Engine Optimization, Video Guide
This video on sitemaps for websites may be the most advanced ever made on the topic. The video covers everything you need to know for full indexing potential.

23 Experts Share Link Building Success Stories
There are some really creative ways to build links online. In this article, we hear from 23 experts on the ways they like to create links online. Methods range from basic to advanced and we think you will really enjoy the unique perspectives. These are 100% white hat methods.

How to go Viral with Links for SEO
You wont see many companies offering viral link building in their SEO services. But they should! Our SEO company has achieved excellent rankings due to thinking outside the box. In this post, we talking about some of the cooler, creative link building strategies that are out there. Some of these strategies are really tried and true.

Bad Links SEO, Get Rid of Them Fast (Here is How)
Most people in the SEO industry understand that some links are bad and others are good. But it can be really hard to know the difference between the two. Whether you are new to the line of work or a veteran search marketing professional, this post has some excellent insight into links.

Building Links with Guest Posts (The Right Way)
Link building with guest posts can be a good practice or it can create website spam. There are clear rules that you need to follow, otherwise, you could be setting up your website for disaster. In this article you will learn the subtleties of using guest posts to acquire backlinks and improve your rankings.

White Hat vs. Black Hat Links for Search Engine Optimization
There are so may SEO firms out there who rely on black-hat link building strategies to get clients quick results. However, those results disappear even quicker than they appear. Make sure you know the difference between what and black-hat links. It could be very important for your website’s future.

Creating Personas for SEO (Ignite Visibility CEO Video)
First create your goals, then create your personas and then map your keywords to those personas. That is really the right way for an search marketing agency to approach a campaign. John Lincoln, Ignite Visibility CEO, teaches us how to create personas using everyday websites and tools. With Facebook, Google Analytics, Twitter and other basic sites you can create personas fast.

AMP Project SEO, Learn About AMP Now
Websites everywhere are looking to get AMP ready, but there are some things you need to know before jumping in. Any good SEO service provider will tell you that you need the technical capabilities and should be wary of drops in conversion rates. AMP really changes the structure of your website.

Content Marketing for Link Building – Chapter 2
As chapter 2 of the complete guide to link building, this section has a clear focus on link building for SEO based purely around content marketing. It is a very important section because without content, there is nothing to link to. In addition, content marketing and SEO work much more closely together now than they did in the past.

How Google News SEO Can Really Help Your Website
Google News is very important for publishers. Google News is a form of search engine optimization that only looks at the news tab in Google. With over 50,000 authorized publishers, Google news delivers over 6 billion clicks per month. On the best SEO agencies understand how Google
news works and can give you an honest assessment of your website. Learn more now.

Learn White Hat SEO from the Best Now
White hat SEO companies stay inside Google’s guidelines but still know how to get results for their clients. Read this in-depth guide to white hat SEO now.

How to Find the Best Local SEO Company
Local SEO takes a unique skill set in the SEO world. In this post, we learn 28 important questions that you need to ask your local SEO company before hiring them.

How to do Keyword Research Like a Professional SEO Firm
Keyword research is the most important part of search marketing. Learn some of the tricks of the trade in this important blog.

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