Mark Hefner

The moment I realized that the platform maintains diverse buyer networks and that I can address multiple RFQs at once, I joined immediately

Mark Hefner – German Robotics Major


Tim Lai

We are an Industrial valves manufacturer, apart from the regular inflow of RFQs/RFIs from PAT network, I especially liked the ease with which I can publish and promote my company news and articles.

Tim Lai – Industrial Manufacturer – USA

Marketing Manager

Juan Douglas

Superb network of buyers…really! What amazed me is that within 15 days of us going live on their website we actually received more product enquiries than we got in total that quarter.

Juan Douglas – Business Partner

Metro Tools Inc.

Brian Blevans

I have a very active relationship with them. Their platform helps me in directly contacting material suppliers, raise RFIs and deal with those in batches. Plant Automation platform is a very important tool in my work life that I use.
Keep up the good work.

Brian Blevans – Unicorn Industrial Services

Plant Maintenance Consultant

Jean-Mi Stauffer

The site offers what we are looking for. Good visibility through Google ranking, possibility to present our products, press release and all kind of communications. We have excellent support from the team and are impressed by the quality of newsletter.
We thank you for this support.

Jean-Mi Stauffer – Colibrys

VP Sales & Marketing

Ms. Iris Tsai

Plant Automation is very customer-oriented and dedicated in understanding digital strategy to advise related content in the proposing stage and provides quality service and ensure media schedule is fulfilled and has helped us to take our first step to amplify web presence

Ms. Iris Tsai – Advantech

Digital Marketing

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