SEO has another half, which our definition describes as “the promotion” of web properties. A major element–but not the only element–of promotion is link building. Link building is the process of securing hypertext links from 3rd party websites that point to your website. Search engines count links as votes–and link building is nearly as relevant now as it was before the turn of the century.

Link building is where most SEO campaigns fail, and they fail in two ways. First, some SEO companies simply don’t build links. We get it, link building is slow, tedious and expensive. But without links, your SEO campaign has already failed, period. The other way link building fails is, to speak franky, when the links built on your behalf are crap links–and there are dangers here, too. Link farms, footer links, spammy blog posts, comment spam, all these techniques are forbidden by Google but still go on all the time, and sites are penalized for this stuff all the time. Even if spammy links don’t earn you a penalty, they simply aren’t that effective anyway. Google knows which links are high-quality and rewards sites that have them.

TastyPlacement builds links the right way: no forbidden spam links. We’ve developed great sources and research for links in our 10 years as SEOs and we leverage that experience for you.

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