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Your Paid Social Media Influencer Could Be a Fraud!

Influencer-endorsed marketing is a new trend among brands looking to attract and convert the rich social media customer base. In fact, the amount of money businesses spend on such endorsement are predicted to hit $10 billion worldwide this year.

But like they do with any other hot stuff that proves lucrative in the ecommerce niche, fraudsters are already interrupting business and taking advantage of innocent merchants. Influencer scam on social media is now eating up billions of dollars from business owners struggling to grow in a challenging market. 

So how can a business owner separate the real influencers from the fakes? We’ll learn that in a few. First, let’s understand how influencer fraud works. 

 Influencer Scam: How it Works

Influencer advertising is when a company enters a deal with well-known social-media personality to promote their brand to an audience in exchange for a fee. However, sometimes the crowd or prospects Read More