Those companies that do not sell their products online mostly complain about their sales these days. If you think you can survive without an online presence then you are wrong.

The reality check is: The customers are not fond of this idea. Even you would prefer the internet to search for what to buy, where to go and what to do. Online marketing gives you a chance to engage with your customers like never before. Plus half of your audience is online so that’s where you would want to be too. You might want to integrate online and offline marketing to improve your sales.

Following are some reasons that will ensure you that online marketing is more effective than offline.

     1. More Information

You can explain your product better via online marketing. Small enterprises post photos, videos, prices, and descriptions about their products on their websites. Whenever a visitor lands on your website, likes a product he wants to buy, he will have the description right in front of him that will eventually persuade him to add the item in his cart. Promoting your products online can get you a better audience. This surely requires effort but it can yield you better results.

     2. Better Tracking

Online marketing lets you track the results of campaigns in real-time. You cannot do that offline. Thanks to social media, you can readily build your profile and start connecting with your audience by posting engaging stuff. There are lots of features within social media accounts that let you track the results of your campaigns, see how many visitors you are getting on your website per day etc. Apart from this, you can use tracking tools and software separately on your website too. You will be able to see the return on investment which is ns not that apparent when you are marketing offline.

     3. Greater Audience Potential

The greatest advantage of online marketing is getting more customers. All marketers have access to thousands of customers online, internationally and nationally. Engaging with these customers through online marketing is much easier and affordable rather than with offline marketing. Online marketers post adds on Google, Lycos and Yahoo. They can even post on the highest ranking search engines with the help of SEO. When it comes to first-page search engine rankings for businesses, it is important to use keywords, phrases and other strategies to gain the customer’s interest.

     4. Instant conversion

The thing everyone likes about online marketing is its ability to bring instant conversions. You set up a campaign and people start coming to your website to buy products the same day. Things are different when you are running an ad in the newspaper.

     5. It’s cheaper

If that helps, online marketing is cheaper than conventional offline marketing. Although you still have to invest money in building a website and doing SEO you will be instantly rewarded for it in the form of more audience and better conversions. Even if you have a low budget, there are still lots of ways to market your business or product online