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Download Manager
Intuitive, user-friendly, and customizable user interface. Resumes broken
downloads from where they left off from HTTP, HTTPS and FTP servers.


Is a full-featured telephone numbers manager with intuitive interface.
Every contact contains 4 variants of number (office, home, fax, parents),
profile records, ICQ, e-mail addresses, web-site address and your comments
on the contact. Features include searching, sorting, modem dialing, printing
and more. Birthday reminder. You can use some databases.


Link Manager is intended to help you conveniently and effectively manage
your favorite internet links. It has a familiar Explorer-like user interface
so it will not be difficult to master it.

Battleship clone game. You can play against both a computer and a
human over a local network or the Internet. The game has nice interface
with skins support. Various types of game and 7 levels of complexity give
you extraordinary game experience.

Download vacation
Summer features were made for you: improved the download of video and music from video services, and if the video is not downloaded (blocked, deleted), the type of error is correctly reported. Fixed a bug with updating the portable version and a few minor bugs. Get updated. more >>
New video & music downloading
In the new Internet Download Accelerator 6.18 we restored the download of video and music from video services. For greater reliability, we added an additional backup for the list of downloads. For complete relevance, we have improved the update plug-ins and additional modules. Take away! more >>
Download more video
New Internet Download Accelerator provides the best video downloading. For your pleasure, we add export/import downloads to the * .txts file, which contains the paths to the files.
Fixed duplication bug in Telegram-bot, fixed the bug when adding tabs to the file name and improved work with updates. more >>
Internet Download Accelerator 2019
We updated IDA and improved the download of 4K and 8K video and subtitle download. We tried to do better download files with non-standard characters in the URL. Turned out to improve the downloading of videos from Facebook and correct the error with renaming the text file with the description. Take the new version at the old place more >>
How to download videos with subtitles?
New Internet Download Accelerator 6.17 provides subtitle download from video-services. We have added support for Google Backup and Sync and user-agent option for command line parameters.
The ability to manually enter the User-Agent in the settings has been added. Improved handling of the VideoFreq parameter in a portable version and improved downloads of playlists containing videos with the same names. Try out the new IDA version right now! more >>

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