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Welcome to New Breed Software!
We create free, Open Source
entertainment software for a variety of modern desktop operating systems
(including Windows, Macintosh,
Linux & Unix), classic computers
(like the Amiga and
Atari 8-bit), mobile devices
(such as the Nokia Maemo tablets and
Sharp Zaurus PDA), and handheld and home
video game consoles (including the Nintendo DS,
Sony PSP and Game Park
GP2X). Thanks to all who provide ports to this wide
variety of platfroms!

Latest News
NBS on Moby Games
April 9, 2020
We noticed there was an entry for ‘New Breed Software’, and one
of our games (‘Vectoroids’) (along with a game which wasn’t
by us; since corrected) over at the excellent
Moby Games,
“the world’s largest and most flexible electronic game
documentation project in existence”. We’ve been slowly
submitting more of our games (and they’re starting to appear!)

News archives and news RSS feed cleaned up
September 19, 2018
The New Breed Software news archives and RSS feed have been
cleaned up. It’s now easier to navigate way back to 2002,
in case you missed anything. 😉

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