Top best programming language in 2020

Programming Language is use to becomes a good programmers or software developer. today we learn Top best programming language in 2020  there are many programming Languages python, java, ruby, c, c++, html, css, JavaScript etc. are the most popular languages in the world. c tutorials c++ and c compiler are available in the internet for your practice of programs
you can see that technology is changing very fastly after every year by year. There is a very high and intelligent need of good programmers in future.
The Fast changes in Programming Industry is denoted by we should have the knowledge of best Programming Languages that is currently used in Tech and IT Industries.

So, you have some questions that which programming language to learn and which is the highest scopable programming language in future and why you should learn it immediately.

The Most of us are learning the Programming Languages but the choice of your programming languages should be the great and programming language like python, java.
In my opinion, you should always try one such Programming Language that you find useful in your future and in the future.

1.Python :-

Python is a programming language for studying in 2020 that has shown its magic over the years.Python is the  most used by people today. This is an interpreter language .Python is the simplest programming language in the world. This should come with a object oriented language, or if Java C ++ has some flaws, then you will becomes the best Python Developer.

Salary of a Python Developer :-

– The average salary of a “Python Developer” in the United States is $130,000 as of January 2020.
– The average salary of a “Python Developer” in rhe India is ₹ 4,89,650 as of January 2020.

2.Java :-

Java is programming language which id developed in 1992. java is very beautiful language for studying in 2020. java is used for Desktop Applications , Artificial Intelligent Technics, java is also used for mobile applications in android studio java and kotlin languages are used. java is object oriented language when you learn any simple oop language then you becomes the best java developer in future.

Salary of a Java Developer :-

– The average salary for a “Java Developer” in the India is ₹ 6,12,918 as of January 2020.

– The average salary of a “Java Developer” in the  United States is $93,055 as of January 2020.

3.Ruby :-

Ruby is a high-level,interpreted, general-purpose programming language. Ruby was designed and developed in the 1995 by Yukihiro  Matsumoto in Japan country.
Ruby is dynamically typed and uses garbage collection language. Ruby supports multiple programming including object-oriented, procedural, paradigms and functional programming. According to the creators, Ruby was influenced by Perl, Basic,  Small talk, Eiffel,Lisp and Ada.In the start of 2020 you should learn the Ruby Programming Language.
Ruby was usually designed for the making programming fun in Japan, where Ruby was used to make games. Ruby is very easy to reads like English, which makes the code easy to understand for beginners.

Salary of a Ruby Developer :-
– The average salary for a “Ruby On Rails Developer” in the United States is $123,025 as of January 2020.
– The average salary for a “Ruby On Rails Developer” in the India is ₹ 7,57,055 as of January 2020.

4.Kotlin :-

Kotlin is the newly famous programming language for android development. kotlin programming language is used in android studio, for making android applications for android and ios. you should learn kotlin programming language for android studio. kotlin is very easy to understand and you should study that language for becomes successful Kotlin Developer.

Salary of a Kotlin Developer :-
– The average salary for “kotlin developers” in the India ₹ 21,000 to ₹ 25,000 for Android Developers per monthly in january 2020.
– The average Salary for “Kotlin Developers” in the United States $66,186 as of January 2020.

5.C & C++ :-

C & C++ are the basic programming languages, when you have to learn java, python or any other object oriented programming languages then firstly you have to learn C++ language. in the fist year or the first programming subject in Computer Science and Computer Engineering is the C programming language.these languages are very simple to learn and very easy for implementations. if you learn that two programming language in the start of the 2020 you becomes the best programmer in the future of your life.

Salary of a C++ Developer :- 
– The average salary for C++ Programmer” in the United States is $77,710 as of January 2020.
– The average salary for “C++ Developer” in the India is ₹ 6,72,842 as of January 2020.

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