One of the kitchen appliances that must be owned by the mother is a blenders under 100. In addition to making juices or smoothies, the main blender function for cooking is to smooth the spices. Mothers usually prefer to make their own spices rather than buy ready-made or instant spices, healthier and preservative free. Blenders that can destroy both the ingredients of spices, fruits, even ice cubes would be the choice of every mother. In addition, the presence of a blender can make cooking more effective and efficient. But to get a blender that fits its function, can be easy-peasy hard.

The quality of a blender is certainly not determined by one thing only, but also several factors. So to find a blender with the best quality we need to know what kind of blender that can meet the needs of cooking. So you do not get confused, let’s see 8 tips on choosing the best blender for this cooking.

1. Blender Type

The first thing to know is for what blender is used in your kitchen. There are several types of blenders with different advantages and disadvantages. If you want to make juice and smoothies then standing blender is the right choice. This blender has a machine and a knife on the bottom and can be seated on the table. Excess blender is multifunctional, this type of blender is also strong so it can destroy the ice.

For you who give priority to practicality, personal blenders may be able to meet your needs. You can make smoothies and enjoy it directly from the blender glass and can be taken anywhere. But the lack of a personal blender is a small class size and not as strong as a standing blender. While the blender that you often see on the show cooking on television is a hand blender, this type of blender is already without cable. The advantage you can immediately destroy the food in place because it does not require a blender glass. But unfortunately, the hand blender is unable to destroy the hard food.

2. Material Blender

Blender glass material is usually made of glass or plastic. Now people prefer plastic materials because it is light and not easy to break, therefore blender glass plastic material is considered more durable. Even so, glass material looks more clear even though it has long been used. This is different from plastic materials that easily dull after long-term use, so the aesthetic side of the blender is reduced.

Blender machine coating material is generally made of plastic. But now there are also made of stainless steel, although the function is not different but looks more luxurious in appearance. Stainless steel material is more useful as a blender blade because it is capable of destroying the ice.

3. Blender Glass

As mentioned earlier, blender glass material has different advantages and disadvantages. Each type of blender also has a different glass capacity. Standing blender has the glass with the largest size, an average of 1.5 liters. In addition, the standing blender is also equipped with smaller glasses and is suitable to smooth the spice. In addition, choose a blender glass that has a taper spark on the glass lips, it is easier in pouring so as not to fall apart.