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Creating your gadget XML specification

This is the reference guide for the XML file you will write to define your Atlassian gadget.


A gadget is essentially an XML file containing the gadget specification. You will use recognised XML elements to define the following:

  1. Gadget characteristics, such as the author’s name (your name), the gadget title and description, preferred sizing, etc.
  2. A screenshot and/or thumbnail image that containers can display to show users what your gadget looks like.
  3. Required features that containers must provide for your gadget.
  4. User preferences, where your gadget can allow its users to customise certain aspects of the gadget display.
  5. The content section, where you can define the content that your gadget will display. This is where you add the HTML and JavaScript functions that produce your gadget’s output.

Atlassian Gadgets and Google Gadgets

When writing an Atlassian gadget you may use additional XML elements, attributes and features that extend the

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