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WebAIM: Web Accessibility and SEO

What is the value of finding content if the user experience and accessibility of that content is poor?

Does it matter how accessible content is, if nobody ever finds it?

Web accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO) are both about getting relevant content to users. Accessible content and search engine optimized content are both machine readable. Search engines and assistive technologies (such as screen readers) are quite similar. In many ways, search engines are deaf, blind, use only a keyboard, and have limited technical abilities. Both rely on content structure, semantics, and functionality to either present content to users or determine the relevance of content.

Accessibility and SEO Magic

SEO has always had an element of what I call “voodoo magic”. It involves guessing or deducing what algorithms a search engine might use to determine the relevance of certain content, then implementing content strategies that best utilize those supposed algorithms.

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