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Visa Technology Partners Website

Your source for Visa 3-D Secure, mobile, EMV® chip contact and contactless programs.

Gain access to the information you need to develop products supporting Visa’s mobile and chip technologies. On this site you will find registration and licensing requirements for specifications, mobile SDKs, software applets, card and acceptance device test tools, branding guidelines and other information required for your company to become a Visa Technology or Visa Ready Partner.

A Visa Technology Partner is a company that registers and licenses chip and/or mobile specifications and other technology from Visa to develop products for banks and other participants in the Visa ecosystem. After development, Visa tests certain card and device products to confirm compliance with Visa’s standards. Companies licensing mobile technology may also be eligible to participate in Visa Ready programs after meeting specific product and program requirements.

  • Develop chip and mobile products and services using Visa licensed technology.
  • Access to
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