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Vaillant/Pif (1945 – 1992, 2004 – 2009)

Comics History

Vaillant masthead

Vaillant cover with Placid et Muzo, by ArnalVaillant cover with Pif le Chien, by Arnal

The first issue of the French comics magazine Vaillant appeared shortly after World War II, launched by the publisher of the same name. In fact, this weekly periodical was the continuation of the republican magazine, Le Jeune Patriote (the young patriot), which was published illegally during the war. At first, most of the stories that appeared in Vaillant were full of post-war anger and patriotic sentiment. These patriotic themes were, of course, to be expected, since the magazine started its publication right after the French Liberation. An example of such a comic is ‘Fifi, Gars du Maquis’, written by Michel Debonne and Roger Lécureux and illustrated by Auguste Liquois and Raymond Cazanave. The patriotic feelings were expressed by the sub-title that Vaillant used in the first few months: Le Jeune Patriote, derived from the magazine’s war-time predecessor.

Les Pionniers de l'Espérance, by Raymond PoïvetLes Pionniers de l’Espérance by Raymond Poïvet


In late 1945, Raymond

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