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R Programming Help, How To's, and Examples

Finding R programming frustrating? can help! Go from learning R to using R with examples, tips, code, help, and how-to’s.

R Programming

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Wondering if You Should Learn R?

Here’s a video from Courtney Brown that may convince you to try R programming:

What is R?

R is a free, open source statistical programming language that is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It consists of the base or core R software as well as add-on packages that extend functionality. R is based on the language S which was developed in the 1970s primarily by John Chambers, Rick Becker and Allan Wilks. In the 1990s Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman created R and shortly after made it freely available under the GNU General Public License. R continues to be maintained by the R Development Core Team and major releases are published about twice per year.

What Software is Similar to

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