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Start Your own radio station with Us!

How to start streaming online?

With FastCast4u you can start streaming online in 3 minutes. Sign
in, create a package and your Radio Server will be set up
automatically, just upload music, broadcasts or shows or connect a
live DJ from your computer.

Earn on streaming online

SHOUTcast Radio Servers come with TargetSpot Stream Monetization
program. You can also make money online by placing ad banners on
your Web Player Page and activating Admob Ads on Mobile Apps.
Lastly, your radio station can rely on Donates from satisfied

Web Player Page & Radio Player

Web Player Page will automatically go online with your Radio
Server. You don’t need web hosting, complicated website builders
or domains – just customize the page and share with your
listeners. The customize Radio Player is also available as an
embed widget for websites.

Mobile Apps

Mobile App for Android, iPhone & iPad features a

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