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How to Show "My Computer" (This PC) in Windows 10/8.1/7 Desktop

If you are searching for the “My Computer” icon in Windows 10 desktop, then this guide shows the simple steps to add “This PC” shortcut on the desktop. “My Computer” (in earlier Windows Operating Systems), called as “This PC” is one of the favorites and useful icon for all Windows users. You will not find it by default on a fresh installation of Windows 10. Follow the steps to display the missing “My Computer” (This PC) icon in the Windows 10 desktop, and Recycle Bin – another important icon on the desktop. We have covered the identical steps for Windows 8.1/7.

This is an essential icon to access the local drives, USB disks, CD/DVD drives, and other files. Definitely, you will be surprised by not seeing this most frequently used icon on Windows Operating Systems. Nothing to worry, it is hidden and we need to display the My Computer icon

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Show HN: Intro to Python and Programming for non-CS majors

Hi there,

I am a PhD student in Operations Research and developed an Introduction to Python & Programming course for the Bachelor program at a business school.

Due to Corona, I got a chance to video tape it thoroughly (should have done that earlier).

Maybe someone here finds my lectures (playlist:…) useful or knows someone who does. The recordings are 25 hours in total. If you do the readings and exercises, you should allocate 90 – 120 hours roughly.

The GitHub repo is really an interactive book in Jupyter notebooks:

As I didn’t study CS myself, I think I provide another angle for newbies.

Pull requests with improvements are highly welcome. The materials contain lots of references to the Python community as well. I love this community: I started without any knowledge of Python in 2014 and the many conference talks and repos really help when learning.


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The Singapore Gadget Talk Show

Yale Look Door Viewer: Box front view

[HANDS-ON] My brother-in-law acquired the Yale Look Door Viewer yesterday in an attempt to make his home smarter and as well monitor what is happening outside his door.

Yale Look Door Viewer is essentially a door viewer on steroids. Replacing the traditional door viewer, the device allows you to video chat to whoever is at the door via the Yale Look App with a 720p camera and live motion detection at your door providing snapshots/videos.

Yale Look Door Viewer: Box back view

It is an intriguing gadget because it seems to be a cross between a CCTV camera and a door walkie talkie you see at some condominium and on top of it, it offers video chat.

My time with the door viewer started with the installation process for the viewer to be mounted to the door. It is safe to say not

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