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Pair Programming: Does It Really Work?


Pair programming consists of two programmers sharing a single workstation (one screen, keyboard and mouse among the pair). The programmer at the keyboard is usually called the “driver”, the other, also actively involved in the programming task but focusing more on overall direction is the “navigator”; it is expected that the programmers swap roles every few minutes or so.

Also Known As

More simply “pairing”; the phrases “paired programming” and “programming in pairs” are also used, less frequently.

Common Pitfalls

  • both programmers must be actively engaging with the task throughout a paired session, otherwise no benefit can be expected
  • a simplistic but often raised objection is that pairing “doubles costs”; that is a misconception based on equating programming with typing – however, one should be aware that this is the worst-case outcome of poorly applied pairing
  • at least the driver, and possibly both programmers, are expected to keep up
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On Pair Programming

Many people who work in software development today have heard of the practice of pair programming, yet it still only has patchy adoption in the industry.
One reason for its varying acceptance is that its benefits are not immediately
obvious, it pays off more in the medium- and long-term. And it’s also not as
simple as “two people working at a single computer”, so many dismiss it
quickly when it feels uncomfortable. However, in our experience, pair
programming is vital for collaborative teamwork and high quality

Betty Snyder and I, from the beginning, were a pair. And I believe that
the best programs and designs are done by pairs, because you can criticise
each other, and find each others errors, and use the best ideas.

— Jean Bartik, one of the very first programmers

Write all production programs with two people sitting at one machine.

— Kent Beck


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Remote Pair Programming

People always ask me what I use for screen sharing. My answer: Screen Sharing. As in, “Screen,” which is built in to your mac. And guess what:

I’ll take it a step further:

Screen is the best screen sharing application around. You should use it if you can.

“But wait,” you say, “I don’t have it on my Mac. I’ve looked in my Applications folder and it doesn’t show up in Spotlight search.”

You have it! And you’re right: not only is it not where you expect it to be, but it doesn’t show up in Spotlight.

Where is Screen on my Mac?

It’s here: /System/Library/Core Services/Screen


  • Highest quality screen sharing experience
  • Fastest screen sharing experience
  • Both host and remote can control the screen
  • CMD+TAB changes the app on host machine
  • Based on VNC but waaaaayyyyy faster so Linux and Windows VNC users can
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