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Show HN: Intro to Python and Programming for non-CS majors

Hi there,

I am a PhD student in Operations Research and developed an Introduction to Python & Programming course for the Bachelor program at a business school.

Due to Corona, I got a chance to video tape it thoroughly (should have done that earlier).

Maybe someone here finds my lectures (playlist:…) useful or knows someone who does. The recordings are 25 hours in total. If you do the readings and exercises, you should allocate 90 – 120 hours roughly.

The GitHub repo is really an interactive book in Jupyter notebooks:

As I didn’t study CS myself, I think I provide another angle for newbies.

Pull requests with improvements are highly welcome. The materials contain lots of references to the Python community as well. I love this community: I started without any knowledge of Python in 2014 and the many conference talks and repos really help when learning.


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