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Join the Battle for Net Neutrality

In 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted the

Open Internet Order

to protect Internet users from ISPs throttling traffic, censoring content,
and imposing unfair fees. But just a few years later, a new chairman of the FCC

killed net neutrality

by repealing the Open Internet order. It’s clear that we can’t count on unlected
bureaucrats to consistently defend our online freedoms, and we can’t rely on the
courts to overrule disastrous policy decisions, either. We need strong legislation
to protect net neutrality for as long as the Internet exists.

The Save the Internet Act of 2019

is a simple, three-page bill that would restore the Open Internet Order
enshrining net neutrality into law. Plain and simple. Read it for yourself below,
then contact your Congressional lawmakers to urge them to suport this important

S. 682 – The Save the Internet Act


To restore the open internet

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Network Programming in .NET with C# & Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET)


Network Programming in .NET

with C# & Visual Basic .NET

Network programming in .NET is a new release from Elsevier Digital Press, and is available now at all good computer bookshops. The book is a complete introduction to developing network programs in both C# and VB.NET. It includes chapters on the fundamentals of network programming, TCP and UDP sockets, multicasting, HTTP and SMTP, Remoting, and Web services. Not only that, but it also covers rare, and hard-to-find practical information on Telephony, Packet capture, MSMQ, and IPv6. Whether you’re a professional network programmer, or just want to see what’s possible, you’ll find that .NET Network Programming is a complete guide to the capabilities of networking in the .NET

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ChartDirector Chart Component and Control Library for .NET (C#/VB), Java, C++, ASP, COM, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, ColdFusion


Chart and Graph Plotting Library

C++, .NET, C#, VB, ASP, COM, Java, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, ColdFusion

Samples of the chart types supported by the ChartDirector chart component.

Extensive Chart Types

Pie, donut, bar, line, spline, step line, regression, curve-fitting,
inter-line filling, area, band, scatter, bubble, floating box, box-whisker,
waterfall, contour, heat map, surface, vector, finance, gantt, radar, polar, rose,
pyramid, cone, funnel … even includes meters and gauges.

Layered Architecture

Combine multiple chart layers to plot combo charts and graphs. You can also use
layers to add symbols to highlight specific points, add markers, thresholds, zones,
error bands … The possibilities are endless.

Create charts with multiple chart layers.
Real time interactive charts with track cursors, 
				zoomable and scrollable and with viewport control.

Real Time, Interactive, Big Data Charts

Real time charts with programmable track cursors and tooltips. Plot charts
and graphs with millions of data points. Viewport with zooming and panning
facilitates visualization of large data sets. Custom mouse and touch event
handlers for chart objects.


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Stories from People with Disabilities

Turn it Up! Stories from People with Disabilities

This special program turns up the volume on stories from Nebraskans with disabilities.Friends, neighbors, colleagues, and artists are all ways to describe people with disabilities, becausethey are just that — people first.

NET and PBS KIDS Learning Resources

Explore learning resources grouped by age from PBS KIDS and NET.

Welcome students, teachers, and history buffs of all ages! Nebraska Studies puts the history of the state at your fingertips, from its very beginning to the 21st century. On this site, you can meet the people and explore the… more››

Inspire your students with thousands of free teaching resources including videos, lesson plans, and games aligned to state and national standards.

Current issue now available online!

Our monthly magazine features prime time program listings, sports highlights, upcoming events, donor profiles and more. NET offers a printed copy of INSIDE NET as a thank you benefit to

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