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Luminance HDR

We are pleased to announce Luminance HDR 2.3.1, an improvement release for Luminance HDR.

It’s a long time since version 2.3.0: unfortunately 2012 has been a really busy year for all of us in the development team, so we couldn’t dedicate much time to the project. However, we are now up to speed and we will try to push releases more often, with new features.

This release introduces some work made by Franco on the antighosting mask: he is absolutely looking forward to receive your feedback on that, so that he will improve it even further.
There are also other improvements in the processing engine (a long refactoring that has been my – Davide – company for almost a year, and will continue probably as much as that). Ideally, a new processing engine will allow more flexibility, hence new functionalities and improvement to be release more often. At

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