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Longarm Tools

Forget about those cumbersome, expensive and time consuming methods to quilt on your Longarm quilting machine. We have solved these problems with the introduction of the gadgets you are about to see. These gadgets are made for “Plop and Stitch” ease in Longarm machine quilting. Increase your speed, accuracy and quality of stitching without marking. Just “Plop” the ruler down and “Stitch”. It’s that easy!

No need to mark the client’s quilt or to remove the markings. No fumbling with large contraptions and working from the back of the machine. All of our gadgets are designed to be used from the front of the machine and without the need for marking the quilt or by minimal use of marking.


All 3/8″ rulers come in clear acrylic.

1/4″ rulers come in either green or orange acrylic based on what’s in stock.

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