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5 Best Programming Languages to Learn During COVID-19 Lockdown

Thanks to COVID-19, you’re trapped inside. It’s a stressful time… but it’s also an opportunity to learn some new stuff, including any programming languages you’ve had your eye on.  

For many developers and technologists, learning a new programming language is often a self-directed effort, based largely on playing around with code until you’ve absorbed the fundamentals. But if you’re the kind of developer who needs lessons and a more structured environment in which to learn, check out websites such as Codeacademy,, and Codewars, all of which offer coding courses for free.

If you want something a bit more intensive (along with lessons that focus on the more advanced aspects of computer science), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has created the OpenCourseWare (OCW) initiative, which features all of the study materials for MIT undergraduate and graduate-level courses. 

While there are dozens of programming languages to learn, the following five are

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