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SEO Basics. Part 2 of SEM series with Nikolina Kobali

Last week we covered what exactly SEO and SEM are and how search engines work. If you missed the article check it out HERE.

This week we are going to cover some SEO basics.

SEO and SEM basics infographic SEO and SEM Basics: Part 2

1. Create Engaging, SEO-Friendly Content

As you develop your Site you need to focus on SEO from the beginning. So engaging content is the most important part of SEO. With thousands of blogs, videos and new websites being created every day, Content Marketing is something every business needs to invest in. 

Centering your content around a primary keyword/ idea from the start is best practice. DON’T fit your content with keywords after it’s already been written. This will appear forced and awkward to your readers. Beware of keyword stuffing as this can be detrimental to your SEO efforts.

Apply readability standards, and optimize title tags, subheadings, meta descriptions, images and

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