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British soldiers to get invisibility gadget that allows them to hide from enemy cameras

An invisibility gadget is ­being created to allow our hero ­soldiers to hide from enemy ­infrared cameras.

Scientists claim the technology can also be used on vehicles.

The invention – compared to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak – uses carbon-based graphene ink.

The paint conducts heat and when put on fabric can “manipulate its reflectiveness” to camouflage them.

Academics at Sussex University said: “With further development, a soldier’s thermal signature could be totally camouflaged to keep them safe from detection at night or from thermal imaging.

“The same technology can work on hard surfaces too such as windows.”

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It can also cool rooms and change the amount of light in a space “with the touch of a button”.

Private company Advanced Material Development has invested £1million in the research.


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