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the C/C++ Music Programming Library, by Gopalakrishna Palem

CFugue Beta Released!!

CFugue, meaning Carnatic Fugue or the C/C++ replacement
of JFugue, is a high level Music Programming Library. CFugue
makes it possible to play music notes directly from C/C++ programs, without ever
having to deal with the low-level MIDI complexities. This library provides a simple
abstraction that lets you concetrate on programming the music rather than
worry about the MIDI nuances. Provides features that makes it possible to use this
library directly from many platforms, including but not limited to ASP pages, .Net
applications and even non-Windows based systems.

For usage samples and further details, please refer to the rich and detailed documentation or download.

Additional Release: PlayByEar!!

This is a simple application that lets music learners improve their Play-By-Ear
capabilities of Music. With support for over 100 different instruments, users will
be able to practice identifying the notes

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