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Gadget Time – Money spent on good-quality gear is always money well spent

Gadget Time – Money spent on good-quality gear is always money well spent

Feb 18, 2020

3 activities that will help your child to learn what the circle is

Dec 23, 2019

How to turn your TV into a Mini PC with Beelink T4 4GB RAM 64GB ROM

Nov 27, 2019

XiaomiI’s Adjusted Net Profit Increased 20.3% In The Third Quarter

Oct 29, 2019

Simple Halloween Decorations of Paper for Kids

Sep 10, 2019

Xiaomi announces world’s first 30W wireless charging technology

Sep 7, 2019

MI led smart bulb officially suports HomeKit

Jul 4, 2019

Fun Ways to Learn Addition and Subtraction Math

Jun 18, 2019

Daily Deals & Coupons @ Gearbest : 18 June

Jun 17, 2019

Daily Deals & Coupons @ Gearbest : 17 June

May 28, 2019

Making A Circle With Fir Cones | Kids Learn Circle Shape

May 2, 2019

Original OnePlus Charge Power
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Gadgets, Gear & Gifts For Men

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The best gadgets and gear in 2020

WIRED Recommends is our definitive guide to the best gadgets, gear and new products. This list covers our number one picks for every category we’ve tested so far, and links to the new and noteworthy tech we’ve seen and reviewed this month. You can head to our dedicated guides for more idea and options.

When you buy something using the retail links in our stories, we earn a small affiliate commission. This does not impact the products we recommend.

The headphones: Sony WH-1000XM3

Weight: 255g | Battery life: 30 hours | Noise cancelling: Yes

Our recommendation for both the best headphones overall and our top-rated noise cancelling headphones is still one and the same: the Sony WH-1000XM3 (£269). In short, we really approve of these cans. Sony wins on sound quality and design, with touch controls on the right earcup that work beautifully and a battery life that

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Disappearing ink pen


Clue powder


Click on image to view details.

Spy sunglasses


Click on image to view details.

Track any person, objects or
vehicle in real time. With Tracker Pro. Works
world wide with no range limits


Click on image to view details.

Spy pen



This state-of
the-art ink will magically disappear after
approximately 60 minutes, without leaving a trace of

Sensitive files can be marked and
you can rest assured your notes will be gone in about
an hour.
May also be used to mark clothing without staining
(pre-test small area of fabric before using).

Not to be used for check writing or
any legal documents.



PRICE $39 for 5 units





This detection powder is simply
sprinkled on any surface leaving an invisible film
which, when touched is immediately transferred to the
hand, clothing, etc. It is excellent for large and
small objects. Will remain on hands up

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Vectric Gadgets – Gear Maker


This gadget will create vectors for gears to be cut on a CNC. The gadget can
also edit gears that have been created previously incase you need to change any of the parameters mid job.

How It Works

This gadget works by taking the number of teeth, diamteral pitch, pressure angle along with a central bore and will create you the vectors to create toolpaths from.

Step By Step

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Best Gadgets and Gear 2019

Everybody has a few gadgets or pieces of gear on their wish list that they may not need enough to buy themselves, but definitely want to improve their lives all year round. Whether you’re shopping for an outdoor lover, DIYer, or tech enthusiast, we found the gadgets and gear that they’re probably yearning for this year. From the latest wireless headphones to smart home devices to rugged boots and apparel, this list has something for everyone. But if you’re still not finding the perfect present, browse more specific gift guides we’ve compiled for the holidays.

Mophie Wireless Charging Stand

Wireless charging is still new enough that the modest price of the Mophie is totally worth it for the novelty of tossing your phone on this pad and watching the battery return to life. There are plenty of good options, but the slider design sets this one apart. It allows you

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