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Geeks Love Flashlights.
Why? Because flashlights are gadgets and geeks love gadgets. Q.E.D.
(Q.E.D. = Quod Est Demonstratum = “Thus it is demonstrated.”)
My ninth-grade Latin teacher would have been so proud of me for my use of Latin these many, many, many years later.

Here is a test to see if you are a true geek. Do you own two or more flashlights that cost more than ten bucks each? If you do, you are truly a geek. I have no idea how much I have spent on flashlights, but trust me it is mucho dinero. I threw that last bit in for my twelfth-grade Spanish teacher.

I always carry a flashlight in my shirt pocket along with a screwdriver, a blue-ink pen, a red-ink pen, and a pen with a built-in lighted magnifier. The flashlight I now carry is a Fenix LD05 which I bought from,

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