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Free Software – FSFE

The principles of Free Software are simple but it is important to not
get confused by the underlying complexity caused by its long history.
Learn about the four freedoms and their meaning,
the fundamentals about Free Software licenses,
the most common synonyms, and the advantages that Free Software provides.

Looking beyond the circle of software itself, you can read more about
the interplay of Free Software with other fields
like education, procurement and democracy.

The Four Freedoms

Free Software refers to freedom, not price. It guarantees its users the
essential four freedoms. The absence of at least one of these freedoms
means an application is proprietary, so non‐Free Software.

  • Use

    Free Software can be used for any purpose and is free of
    restrictions such as licence expiry or geographic limitations.

  • Study

    Free Software and its code can be studied by anyone, without
    non‐disclosure agreements or similar restrictions.

  • Share

    Free Software

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