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FreeDOS | The FreeDOS Project

FreeDOS | The FreeDOS Project

FreeDOS Software

Since 1998, each program included in the FreeDOS distribution is made available as a Package. The distribution divides these FreeDOS packages into Groups, sometimes called Sets.

The Base group contains only those programs that reproduce the functionality of classic DOS. The other groups contain software that you may find useful, such as games and editors.

Software List
FreeDOS Base Programs that reproduce the functionality of classic DOS
Archivers Tools to compress files and create archives.
Boot Tools Utilities to help you boot your computer
Development Development tools such as compilers and assemblers
Editors Editors and simple word processors that let you edit text files
Emulators Programs that emulate other systems
Games Fun games that you can play
Graphical Desktop Graphical desktop environments for FreeDOS.
Networking Utilities that support networks and connectivity
Sound Tools Programs that play music
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