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ELLLO Mixer #84 Favorite Gadget

Aki / Japan
speakerMy favorite gadget’s the computer. I can’t live without Internet or e-mailing or skyping. I always talk with my friends over Skype, domestic and international. I also always do a lot of Internet shopping. I love shopping on

Lindsay / United States
speakerMy favorite gadget is the cell phone. I really like being able to contact my friends at anytime I want to and I use it so often as a dictionary or to talk to my friends or to e-mail my friends or even to take pictures.

Shalini / Canada
speakerTo tell you the the truth, I’m not much of a gadget person, however this little eight gigabyte hard-drive thing that I have here has really come in handy. It’s thin and light and saves all my documents.

Lori / Canada
speakerI’m not really all that fond of electronic gadgets but I guess the only

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