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The Euphoria Programming Language

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Unless noted otherwise, all programs are written in
the Euphoria Programming Language, are completely free,
without time limit, and include full open source.
Some specific copyright restrictions may apply.
Questions and comments about any program should be emailed
directly to the author, or posted on OpenEuphoria Forum. Most files
are in .zip format.
7-Zip is a good, free zip/unzip

GEN EuSDL2 445K Andy P. updated Mar 1/18   click here to update this entry
EuSDL2 is a wrapper of SDL2 for the Euphoria programming language.
All major and minor functions have been wrapped. Includes some
example programs. Mar 1: Updated for SDL 2.0.8
WIN java application programming interface v 2.0.0 1411K Charles Newbould Feb 26/18   click here to update this entry
Want to write GUIs in Euphoria? Nothing is simpler than JAPI. JAPI2
uses Java Swing but you code it in Euphoria. Connect to JAPI,
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