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Easygenerator | e-learning software | create courses now

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See for yourself how Easygenerator can make course creation easier, faster and more cost-effective for your organization. Our cloud-based e-learning software has zero learning curve, making it simple for subject matter experts and those without e-learning experience to create courses and share knowledge. We call this Employee-generated Learning.

Easygenerator’s cloud-based authoring tool is perfect for teams, with plenty of collaboration features, such as co-authoring, external reviews, comments, and more.

While Easygenerator is a simple to use authoring tool, it is still designed with didactic principles at the core. With a built-in learning objective maker, 11 question types, and dedicated customer support, subject matter experts are able to focus on creating effective e-learning, and not pixel-perfect design.

“I am excited to see what Easygenerator has created. Here’s a tool that encourages proper e-learning design and development by tying together the important elements of learning: set up your objectives,

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