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How to Boost Local SEO Through Chiropractor Directories

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Most chiropractic clinics rely heavily on referrals from their existing client base to secure new patients. However, if you’re not fully utilizing all marketing channels, you may be missing out on a huge segment of untapped opportunity.

It’s estimated that 97% of people will get more information about local businesses online than anywhere else.

A well-maintained website is a must. However, having a website and online presence alone doesn’t guarantee any traffic. For perspective, consider that the number one Google search result will always get almost a third of all clicks from a query. So, if you haven’t properly optimized your site and it’s buried deep within Google, your organic traffic is probably nonexistent.

Being on Google’s first page is critical for exposure and attracting new patients.

This is where local SEO comes in.

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How does local SEO for chiropractors attract new patients?

Local SEO

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