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13 best gadgets in the world today: T3’s definitive list of the top tech you should own

Here we present the best gadgets available right now in 13 key categories, to save you the hard work of doing all the research yourself. In short, if you’re starting from scratch and want the very best there is, then this is your new shopping list.

This list will only be updated when something new emerges that is capable of toppling an existing product from its perch – there may therefore be months when the 13 products featured here don’t change.

But this is an exclusive club, and only tech that is capable of achieving a towering standard of excellence gets in.

iPhone X

1. Best smartphone – iPhone X

As the most premium of premium phones there’s none better

Reasons to buy

+Desirable design+Face ID is ace+Excellent cameras

Is the iPhone X the best phone in the world? Yes. But only by a whisker. The Galaxy Note 8 is so close, while Apple’s own iPhone 8 Plus gives you so much of the iPhone X benefit without such super expense. In the end though, it’s the seamless marriage of software and hardware that’s so effective in the iPhone X, and that’s especially the case when it comes to Face ID, which is just super.

It’s what Apple is so good at. It’s why the iPhone X is the best phone, just ahead of Samsung’s devices and – sorry Google – streets ahead of the Pixel 2 (although it has a pretty decent camera), and why it’s one the of best gadgets you can own.

Naim Mu-so

2. Best home audio – Naim Mu-so

Amazing audio quality and a stylish, modern design

Reasons to buy

+Awesome design+Brilliant sound+Input flexibility

When undertaking an ears-on review with this stunning piece of audio tech, T3’s own resident audiophile Duncan Bell said:

“Unsurprisingly, given the heritage behind the Naim brand, the sound quality is superb. The resolution on more delicate tracks is a beautiful thing, while there’s enough power to blast through anything more challenging with aplomb. Naim specs say the Mu-so sports no less than six 75 watt digital amplifiers, one for each of the six custom-designed speaker drivers, delivering a total of 450 watts of power, and it certainly sounds like that’s true. Overall, it’s a stunning object in it’s own right, and as an audio tool it’s brilliant. “

Nuff said.

Best gadgets in the world

3. Best tablet – iPad Pro 10.5

The best tablet in the world

Reasons to buy

+Superb screen+Powerful CPU+Can shoot 4K video

Apple has improved things in three key areas from the 9.7-inch iPad Pro this replaces – our previous king of tablets – the amount of space to work, the quality of the display, and the performance. 

The move to a 10.5-inch screen with a higher resolution of 2224 x 1668 adds around 20% more area, while keeping the same sharp pixel density (and barely any extra size to the chassis, thanks to the new design). 

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