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CUergo: Computer Workstation Ergonomics Guidelines

CUergo: Computer Workstation Ergonomics Guidelines

Cornell University Ergonomics Web

Ergonomic Guidelines for arranging a Computer
10 steps for users

Creating a good ergonomic working arrangement is important to protecting
your health. The following 10 steps are a brief summary of those things that
most Ergonomists agree are important. If you follow the 10 steps they should
help you to improve your working arrangement. You can also use the Computer
Workstation Checklist
to help to pinpoint any areas of concern and take a
look at the ‘Computer Workstation summary’
‘ for specific tips. However, every situation is
different, and if you can’t seem to get your arrangement to feel right or
you are confused about some of the following recommendations you should
seek professional advice. Also see my book – Ergonomic Workplace Design for Health, Wellness, and Productivity.

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