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Gadget Insurance – CoverCloud Insurance

Insure your smartphone, iPhone and gadgets today!

We now live in a connected world where practically all of us own a smartphone or laptop that not only allows us to communicate with our friends and family and browse the internet but manage an ever increasing part of our lives. However, these gadgets do not come cheap, with smartphones costing over £1,000 and laptops costing in excess of £2,500. This means we all need a way of protecting our investment so that if we do lose or damage our gadgets we can replace them quickly. CoverCloud can cover your iPhone or Smartphone to try and give you peace of mind whether home or overseas.

Multi-Gadget insurance – protect multiple gadgets for less!

Get multiple gadgets covered – including your phones, laptops and tablets – for less with our multi-gadget insurance discount! Find out more about Multi-Gadget Insurance.

Why use CoverCloud to

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