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Is Biden Correct? Should Coal Miners Learn Programming?

On January 4, 2020, Joe Biden commented on his presidential campaign tour, in front of a rally of Mid-Westerners, that coal miners should learn how to program. Implying that their skills and industry are obsolete. Dust!

The media responded by commenting about his supposed aloofness. Some outlets simply reported on and broadcasted audio clips of his speech, while others condemned his supposed gaffe and called him insensitive.

Throughout the years, many have commented about the lack of modern opportunities in locales where coal mining is a large profession. Some experts believe workers should learn new skills or enter emerging industries such as solar and tech. Biden’s comment ignites an interesting question: can coal miners become successful programmers?

Decline of the Coal Industry

According to the Brookings Institute, there’s been a 40 percent decline in domestic coal-fired generation in the past decade. The causes behind the slump is due to many

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