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Confluence Page Gadget – Atlassian Documentation

We ended support for this gadget in Confluence 7.0
The gadget no longer appears in the macro browser and can’t be added to a page.
Any gadget already on a page, or used in another application like Jira, will still work.

The Confluence page gadget allows you to show content from a page on your Confluence site in a gadget. You can optionally configure the gadget to display links to view and/or edit the page on your Confluence site. The page gadget can also be displayed in canvas view, so that it takes up all of the space provided by your dashboard.

Macros that work with the page gadget

Please note, not all macros work with the page gadget. Please refer to the Working Macros section below for more information.

Screenshot: The Confluence page gadget displaying a sample page

Confluence Page Gadget Properties

Properties are settings for Confluence gadgets that

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