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Technology | Brooklyn College

The computing infrastructure at Brooklyn College is one of the most advanced in CUNY. These systems support applications in all disciplines and are used by students and faculty to access critical administrative data. Information Technology Services provides support to students, faculty and administration through the Help Desk and on site.

All students may use the college’s public access computer labs, extensive Web and distance learning systems, and network of BCLink digital information kiosks. Every registered student is provided with an advanced Microsoft Exchange e-mail account that may be accessed on or off campus via the Internet.

Brooklyn College maintains several large-scale public-access computing facilities, supplemented by departmental disciplines-specific labs and electronic classrooms. Overall, nearly 1,500 computers are available to students. Facilities include the ITS Public Computing Labs in the West End Building, the New Media Center and lower-level labs in the library, the 24/7 Morton and Angela Topfer Library Café

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