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Web Site Building Helps, Software Downloads, Java Applets, Web Resources, Web Tools, Javascript, Midi Links, etc.
javascript, etc
The Bells page has the HTML code for midi files, many javascripts, HTML codes for things you wonder about, and a lot of other things for you to freely use to enhance your site.
DHTML & Java, etc DHTML & Java, etc
The Java Applets and DHTML Image Effects page has the DHTML and Java Applets for enhancing the visual layout of your site which will make your pictures take up less desktop space while showing off your pages, pictures, and photographs.
DHTML & Java, etc HTML Editors
The Editors page has HTML editors of all types – from simple WYSIWYG to professional quality text editing – all free. We Don’t put these here just because they are free. We actually think they are excellent products and are worth using. Many applications don’t make the cut here and are not included. We use the Nvu editor ourselves and
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