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Covid-19 Response Lifecycle for IT OrganizationsAs the COVID-19 pandemic continues, IT leaders are asking what actions they should take and what a recovery will look like. The recovery will include reorganization of IT service delivery, invocation of force majeure, and renegotiation of support agreements with third parties. This presentation lays out the expected life-cycle stages for the current pandemic and its impact on IT services short-term and long-term. We also outline specific contractual and legal considerations that IT leaders should understand in renegotiating relationships with service providers. (35 slides).
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Fig. 2: Adoption Rate Trend: Agile DevelopmentAfter more than two decades of maturation, agile development methodologies promise to deliver new systems more quickly, improve software quality, and increase user satisfaction. While adoption remains only moderate in corporate IT groups, agile development continues to gain adherents as organizations seek to respond to a continuously changing environment. In this study, we report how widely and deeply agile development is being embraced
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