LinkHelpers is one of the few organizations than have the technical expertise to deliver organic placement on page one on the major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Our SEO Seattle techniques work to increase the traffic by potential customers to our customer’s website and help convert those potential customers into paying customers. Professional SEO techniques used on our customer’s websites provides the best lead generation by potential customers because 75% of all clicks are being made on organic listings.

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SEO also involves the technical art of refining numerous elements that are contained off or the website as well as on the webpage. The listings in the resulting webpages are determined by these elements for the search engines. Search Engine Optimization helps to present each of these elements in their best possible light. We use relevant targeted keywords to optimize our customer’s website. We also work with the content and the code of our customer’s website to make the best possible match for what the major search engines are looking for in their algorithms, although we use these sophisticated keyword development SEO techniques to locate yet undiscovered subcategories of potential sources of leads by potential customers.

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