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The following AutoHotkey allows me to list files & folders attributes (question related: Question 29172877)

I have a little issue.
File listing is generating however the action related to open the file with excel is not performed and at the end of the AutoHotkey script I have the following20200225_121352-screenshot.pngAutoHotkey script:

;Gui: list files and folders attributes

If (WinExist("File Listing"))
  MsgBox,4112,Error,File Listing dialog is already open
Gui,Add,Edit,vFolderPath cPurple w570 xm,%FolderPath%Downloads
Gui,Add,Button,x+10 +Default vBrowseFolder gBrowseFolder,&Browse
Gui,Add,Text,xm,If you want a different folder, type/paste into the field above or click the Browse button on the right above and navigate to the folder
Gui,Add,Text,,Select folders to process:
Gui,Add,Radio,Checked vRecurse,&Recurse
Gui,Add,Text,xm,Select filename information to put in file listing:
Gui,Add,Radio,Checked vFileInfo,&Without path without date
Gui,Add,Radio,x+10,With &Path without date
Gui,Add,Radio,x+10,Without path with &Date
Gui,Add,Radio,x+10,With &Both path and date
Gui,Add,Button,xm gButtonOKFilesFoldersListing Default,&OK
Gui,Add,Button,x+10 gButtonCancelFilesFoldersListing,&Cancel
Gui,Show,,File Listing

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