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Name: Programming from the Ground Up Book

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This is an introductory book to programming and computer science using assembly language. It assumes the reader has never programmed before, and introduces the concepts of variables, functions, and flow control.  The reason for using assembly language is to get the reader thinking in terms of how the computer actually works underneath.  Knowing how the computer works from a “bare-metal” standpoint is often the difference between top-level programmers and programmers who can never quite master their art.

Registration Date: Thu 05 Dec 2002 03:29:22 AM UTC

License: GNU Free Documentation License
Development Status: 5 – Production/Stable


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Downloads Working and New Version
     posted by johnnyb, Fri 23 Jan 2004 06:14:59 AM UTC – 4 replies

Downloads from Savannah are now working!  You can now download the official version from the “Filelist” on the main project page.  I will also keep my alternate version up-to-date or redirected here for the next few months.

Also …

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Temporary Download URL
     posted by johnnyb, Mon 29 Dec 2003 10:21:40 PM UTC – 0 replies

Savannah is still working on it’s file downloading service.  Until it is fixed, you can find the latest Programming from the Ground Up at

These will all be bleading-edge snapshots (not that it matters much for a book, but just know that I’m not assigning version numbers to these).  Email me at -email is unavailable- if you have any problems.

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