Programming Editor

The Programming Editor provides the ability to assign programming to joins for a Keypad button, touch screen element, Scheduler Event, and a Device Programmable Event.

Programming consists of assigning a set of programming steps and/or feedback to button presses or events.

The Programming Editor is accessible through the Design and Program section in System Designer. The Programming Editor is also accessible directly in Touch Screen Designer where it’s housed inside the Programming Editor tool window:

If the Programming Editor is opened simultaneously in two instances – via System Designer and in the Touch Screen Designer tool window, the two windows will synchronize, i.e. all updates in one window will update the values in the other window.

Note that you can only use the Programming Editor when you create an automatically generated type of system.

To start working with the Programming Editor in System Designer® :

In System Designer®, navigate to the Design and Program section and then choose an appropriate programming task:


To start working with the Programming Editor in Touch Screen Designer:

  1. Select a touch screen from a system project in the System Tree, and then right-click to open Touch Screen Designer.

  2. If the Programming Editor is not visible, point to the Crestron Studio’s View menu, select Tool Window and then click on Programming Editor.


Click on the Enable Programming Editor smart icon:


To use the Programming Editor:

  1. Assign a join number, in the control item’s Property Grid.

  2. Go to the Programming Editor and click on the down arrow to select the join by name from the drop-down box.

  3. Assign Device Commands and other programming objects, by clicking on the appropriate tab in the Available Steps section. Click on the “+” to the left of the command, double-click on a it or drag and drop it onto the Press tab’s blank canvas area. The available steps are: Device Commands, Common (Commands), Global Macros, and Variables.

  4. For Device Commands, link to a Source/Target Device by clicking on the Target Device drop down box and then selecting the appropriate device. Once selected this will display the available options that can be added.



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