@echo off
color 2e
title CMD Snake Game    -Aaron
if “%~1” == “startGame” goto :game
if “%~1” == “startController” goto :controller

set “choice=”
2>nul >nul choice /c:yn /t 0 /d y
if errorlevel 1 if not errorlevel 2 set “choice=choice /cs”
if not defined choice (
  2>nul >nul choice /c:yn /t:y,1
  if errorlevel 1 if not errorlevel 2 set “choice=choice /s”
if not defined choice (
  echo ERROR: This game requires the CHOICE command, but it is missing.
  echo Game aborted. :(
  echo A 16 bit port of CHOICE.EXE from FREEDOS is available at
  echo http://winsupport.org/utilities/freedos-choice.html
  echo A 32 bit version from ??? suitable for 64 bit machines is available at
  echo http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA007219/dkclonesup/choice.html
  exit /b

set “keys=ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789”
set “keyFile=key.txt”
set “cmdFile=cmd.txt”
set “highscoreFile=last score on !difficulty!.txt”

copy nul “%keyFile%” >nul
start “” /b “%~f0” startController 9^>^>%keyFile% 2^>nul ^>nul
cmd /c “%~f0” startGame 9^<%keyFile% ^<nul

2>nul (>>”%keyFile%” call )||goto :close
del “%keyFile%”
exit /b

setlocal disableDelayedExpansion
title %~nx0

set “up=W”
set “down=S”
set “left=A”
set “right=D”

::Both max to 99! And width to 40 and height to 25!
set “width=40”   max=99
set “height=25”  max=99
:: max playing field: (width-2)*(height-2) <= 1365

set /a cols=width+1, lines=height+10, area=(width-2)*(height-2)
if %area% gtr 1365 (
  echo ERROR: Playfield area too large
  >”%cmdFile%” (echo quit)
if %lines% lss 14 set lines=14
if %cols% lss 46 set cols=46
mode con: cols=%cols% lines=%lines%

set “spinner1=|”
set “spinner2=/”
set “spinner3=-“
set “spinner4=”
set “spinner5=O”
set “spinner6=$”
set “spinner= spinner1 spinner2 spinner3 spinner4 spinner5 spinner6”

set “space= “
set “bound=*”
set “food=+”
set “head=@”
set “body=O”
set “death=X”
set “playerSpace=%space%%food%”

set “xDiff%up%=+0”
set “xDiff%down%=+0”
set “xDiff%left%=-1”
set “xDiff%right%=+1”

set “yDiff%up%=-1”
set “yDiff%down%=+1”
set “yDiff%left%=+0”
set “yDiff%right%=+0”

set “%up%Axis=Y”
set “%down%Axis=Y”
set “%left%Axis=X”
set “%right%Axis=X”

set “delay1=20”
set “delay2=16”
set “delay3=12”
set “delay4=7”
set “delay5=5”
set “delay6=3”
set “delay0=0”

set “desc1=Mega Slow”
set “desc2=Crawler”
set “desc3=Slow”
set “desc4=Normal”
set “desc5=Fast”
set “desc6=Insane”
set “desc0=Impossible”

set “spinnerDelay=3”

set /a “width-=1, height-=1”

set LF=^

set ^”n=^^^%LF%%LF%^%LF%%LF%^^”

:: setErr
:::  Sets the ERRORLEVEL to 1
set “setErr=(call)”

:: clrErr
:::  Sets the ERRORLEVEL to 0
set “clrErr=(call )”

set getKey=%n%
for %%# in (1 2) do if %%#==2 (for /f “eol= delims= ” %%1 in (“!args!”) do (%n%
  set “validKeys=%%1″%n%
  set “key=”%n%
  ^<^&9 set /p “key=”%n%
  if defined key if “!key!” neq “:” (%n%
    set /a key-=1%n%
    for %%K in (!key!) do set “key=!keys:~%%K,1!”%n%
  for %%K in (!key!) do if “!validKeys:%%K=!” equ “!validKeys!” set “key=”%n%
)) else set args=

set draw=%n%
for /l %%Y in (0,1,%height%) do echo(!line%%Y!%n%
echo Mode=!Difficulty!%n%
echo Score=!score!

set test=%n%
for %%# in (1 2) do if %%#==2 (for /f “tokens=1-3” %%1 in (“!args!”) do (%n%
  for %%A in (“!line%%2:~%%1,1!”) do if “!%%3:%%~A=!” neq “!%%3!” %clrErr% else %setErr%%n%
)) else set args=


set plot=%n%
for %%# in (1 2) do if %%#==2 (for /f “tokens=1-3” %%1 in (“!args!”) do (%n%
  set “part2=!line%%2:~%%1!”%n%
  set “line%%2=!line%%2:~0,%%1!!%%3!!part2:~1!”%n%
)) else set args=

:: start the game
setlocal enableDelayedExpansion
call :initialize

:: main loop (infinite loop)
for /l %%. in (1 0 1) do (

  %=== compute time since last move ===%
  for /f “tokens=1-4 delims=:.,” %%a in (“!time: =0!”) do set /a “t2=(((1%%a*60)+1%%b)*60+1%%c)*100+1%%d-36610100, tDiff=t2-t1”
  if !tDiff! lss 0 set /a tDiff+=24*60*60*100

  if !tDiff! geq !delay! (
    %=== delay has expired, so time for movement ===%

    %=== establish direction ===%
    %getKey% ASDW
    for %%K in (!key!) do if “!%%KAxis!” neq “!axis!” (
      set /a “xDiff=xDiff%%K, yDiff=yDiff%%K”
      set “axis=!%%KAxis!”

    %=== erase the tail ===%
    set “TX=!snakeX:~-2!”
    set “TY=!snakeY:~-2!”
    set “snakeX=!snakeX:~0,-2!”
    set “snakeY=!snakeY:~0,-2!”
    %plot% !TX! !TY! space

    %=== compute new head location and attempt to move ===%
    set /a “X=PX+xDiff, Y=PY+yDiff”
    set “X= !X!”
    set “Y= !Y!”
    set “X=!X:~-2!”
    set “Y=!Y:~-2!”
    (%test% !X! !Y! playerSpace) && (

      %=== move successful ===%

      %=== remove the new head location from the empty list ===%
      for %%X in (“!X!”) do for %%Y in (“!Y!”) do set “empty=!empty:#%%~X %%~Y=!”

      (%test% !X! !Y! food) && (
        %=== moving to food – eat it ===%

        %=== restore the tail ===%
        %plot% !TX! !TY! body
        set “snakeX=!snakeX!!TX!”
        set “snakeY=!snakeY!!TY!”

        %=== increment score and locate and draw new food ===%
        set /a “score+=1, F=(!random!%%(emptyCnt-=1))*6+1”
        for %%F in (!F!) do (%plot% !empty:~%%F,5! food)

      ) || (
        %=== moving to empty space ===%

        %=== add the former tail position to the empty list ===%
        set “empty=!empty!#!TX! !TY!”

      %=== draw the new head ===%
      if defined snakeX (%plot% !PX! !PY! body)
      %plot% !X! !Y! head

      %=== Add the new head position to the snake strings ===%
      set “snakeX=!X!!snakeX!”
      set “snakeY=!Y!!snakeY!”
      set “PX=!X!”
      set “PY=!Y!”


    ) || (

      %=== failed move – game over ===%
      %plot% !TX! !TY! body
      call :spinner !PX! !PY! death
      color 2c
      echo Note: If you quit now, your score will be 
      echo saved in the last score file of !difficulty!
      echo If you press Y, you will go back to the start menu.
      echo If you don’t want to override your old file of !difficulty!, then hit Y
      call :ask “Game Over, your score is: !score! on !difficulty!            Would you like to play again? (Y/N)” YN
      color 2e
      if /i “!key!” equ “N” (
        >”%highscoreFile%”  (echo %DATE% %Time% Last score is:!score! on !difficulty!.)
        >”%cmdFile%” (echo quit)
      ) else (
        call :initialize

    set /a t1=t2

:ask  Prompt  ValidKeys

>”%cmdFile%” (echo prompt)
<nul set /p “=%~1 “
(%getKey% :)
if not defined key goto :purge
(%getKey% %2)
if not defined key (
  >”%cmdFile%” (echo one)
  goto :getResponse
exit /b

:spinner  X  Y  ValueVar
set /a d1=-1000000
for /l %%N in (1 1 5) do for %%C in (%spinner%) do (
  call :spinnerDelay
  %plot% %1 %2 %%C
call :spinnerDelay
(%plot% %1 %2 %3)
exit /b

for /f “tokens=1-4 delims=:.,” %%a in (“!time: =0!”) do set /a “d2=(((1%%a*60)+1%%b)*60+1%%c)*100+1%%d-36610100, dDiff=d2-d1”
if %dDiff% lss 0 set /a dDiff+=24*60*60*100
if %dDiff% lss %spinnerDelay% goto :spinnerDelay
set /a d1=d2
exit /b

title Snake Game    -Aaron
echo         ZemByte(r)
echo (c)2016 ZemByte(r). All rights reserved
echo         Options:
echo    @   Description    delay
echo   ___  ___________    ______
echo    1   Mega slow       0.20
echo    2   Crawler         0.16
echo    3   Slow            0.12
echo    4   Normal          0.07
echo    5   Fast            0.05
echo    6   Insane          0.03
echo    0   Impossible      none
echo    To exit the game, hit the close button.
echo    Do not delete the “cmd” and/or 
echo    the “key” file!
call :ask “Pick a speed (1-6, 0):” 12345607
set “difficulty=!desc%key%!”
set “delay=!delay%key%!”
echo %key% – %difficulty%
<nul set /p “=Initializing.”
set “axis=X”
set “xDiff=+1”
set “yDiff=+0”
set “empty=”
set /a “PX=1, PY=height/2, FX=width/2+1, FY=PY, score=0, emptyCnt=0, t1=-1000000”
set “snakeX= %PX%”
set “snakeY= %PY%”
set “snakeX=%snakeX:~-2%”
set “snakeY=%snakeY:~-2%”
for /l %%Y in (0 1 %height%) do (
  <nul set /p “=.”
  set “line%%Y=”
  for /l %%X in (0,1,%width%) do (
    set “cell=”
    if %%Y equ 0        set “cell=%bound%”
    if %%Y equ %height% set “cell=%bound%”
    if %%X equ 0        set “cell=%bound%”
    if %%X equ %width%  set “cell=%bound%”
    if %%X equ %PX% if %%Y equ %PY% set “cell=%head%”
    if not defined cell (
      set “cell=%space%”
      set “eX= %%X”
      set “eY= %%Y”
      set “empty=!empty!#!eX:~-2! !eY:~-2!”
      set /a emptyCnt+=1
    if %%X equ %FX% if %%Y equ %FY% set “cell=%food%”
    set “line%%Y=!line%%Y!!cell!”
echo Movement keys: %up%=up %down%=down %left%=left %right%=right
echo Avoid running into yourself (%body%%body%%head%) or wall (%bound%)
echo Eat food (%food%) to grow.
call :ask “Press any alpha-numeric key to start… A/Z” %keys%
>”%cmdFile%” (echo go)
exit /b


setlocal enableDelayedExpansion
set “cmd=hold”
set “key=”
for /l %%. in (1 0 1) do (
  if “!cmd!” neq “hold” (
    %choice% /n /c:!keys!
    set “key=!errorlevel!”
  if exist “%cmdFile%” (
    <“%cmdFile%” set /p “cmd=”
    del “%cmdFile%”
  if “!cmd!” equ “quit” exit
  if defined key (
    if “!cmd!” equ “prompt” >&9 (echo :)
    >&9 (echo !key!)
    if “!cmd!” neq “go” set “cmd=hold”
    set “key=”




This is a batch for snake game its a little glitchy but just restart the game and you should be good.

email me for more batch files and questions at- lavahoundz@icloud.com

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