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(PSI-Plot & ProStat) are easy to learn and use, and there is good set of
tutorials is provided. I was productive in a
couple of minutes, and a guinea pig with no
prior statistics software experience produced
useful graphics and results after half an hour
with no support other than the built in help

“For the many science areas, locations and users
for which an exploratory, task-focused, work
station level tool is more appropriate and more
productive than a corporate level package,
either of these would be an excellent choice. “

—— Scientific Computing World

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“(PSI-Plot) is pleasant to use, and offers a very high degree of
flexibility and sophistication, without
generating any of the computational insomnia
that is so offen associated with complex
software products on the market.
Strongly recommended.

——Materials Research Bulletin


comparison to its biggest competitor in the
technical plotting market, SigmaPlot,
comes out as the best value for
everyday work. While both offer a large variety
of 2D and 3D plot types,
PSI-Plot is less expensive, runs faster, offers more extensive
statistical analysis capabilities, and is less
demanding of the host computer in terms of CPU
power, RAM, and hard disk space….
PSI-Plot for Windows is easy to use, included the plotting and
analysis tools most commonly used in biological
sciences, and is economical in terms of both
computer resources and the customer’s budget.”

—— The Quarterly Review of Biology


“The manual is
best described as terse. There’s a set of
lessons, and the package (PSI-Plot) as a whole is superior to the introductory statistics
course I took at the University of Iowa. … and
(PSI-Plot) has spectacular graphics.”

—–BYTE Magazine


easy to use, the manual is clear and provides
many examples, and the memus are close to

“If you need to plot data, examine data, or
process blocks of data, I recommend this package
(PSI-Plot). … when it comes time to
things with your data, PSI-Plot is the package to have on your computer.”

—– EDN Magazine

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